MAC Festive Frost Face Kit Swatches and Review – Holiday 2011 (Nordstrom Exclusive)

For Holiday 2011MAC launched three face kits. Two (Warm and Wintercool) are exclusive to the MAC stores and… but ONE is exclusive to Nordstrom only.

The Festive Frost Face Kit includes all you would need to create your perfectly festive face. Truthfully, I have NO idea why MAC hasn’t done something similar every holiday.

From the Nordstrom website:

A gift to glamour—and a glamorous gift! Sparkle finishes and soft-tone shades of pink, buff and beige. Lips, eyes, cheeks shimmer! Inside that stunning snowglobe bag, three glitter-handled brushes twinkle like the stars they are!

Set includes:

– Four eyeshadows in Expensive Pink (Veluxe Pearl), Once Upon a Time (Veluxe Pearl), Embark (Matte) and Below Zero (Veluxe Pearl).
– Lipglass in Tra-la-la.
– Lipstick in Imagine This.
– Blush in Buff (Matte).
– Three brushes 129 SE, 275 SE and 266 SE.

(Imagine This Lipstick)

(Tra-La-La Lipglass)

(Imagine This w/ Tra-La-La on top)

I love this kit. The Festive Frost Face Kit is obviously perfect for travel, all fitting into the handy little bag. I’m not a fan of the clear bag with the circle. I get what they’re trying to do, but it’s just not my style. I DO love the face kit compact. The little outer snow globe is totally cute, and the compact is surprisingly sturdy. Two of the four shadows are permanent shades, but I didn’t have them in my stash, nor the permanent blush, so I felt I was safe with this one.

The shadows wore well (three of them ARE Veluxe Pearl, so what would you expect!) and performed as well as MAC shadows always do. Matte and Satin blushes are my favorite finishes for MAC blushes, so I am loving Buff as well.

I love the combo of the lipstick and lipglass. When I swatched them I didn’t think they’d go well together, but when worn they look amazing and festive. Alone they also look fabulous. Imagine This is a nice neutral peach that didn’t wash out my tone, and Tra-La-La, while slightly sticky (as with all MAC Lipglass) did not feel gritty, regardless of the awesome shimmers. In the swatch of Tra-La-La alone I did layer on three coats to show off the pretty of it, so it’s a bit more subdued with one coat (as I wore in the lip swatch of both the lipstick and lipglass).

The brushes fit nicely into the pouch. I am in love with the glittery handles of these brushes. Obviously the quality isn’t going to be as great as the full size brushes, but the festiveness allows me to overlook that. And truly, for travel, I don’t need anything super duper amazing. These brushes get the job done and still do it well.

This was a great purchase for the quality, convenience and the cost. You get four eye shadows, a blush, a lipstick, a lipglass, 3 brushes and a makeup bag for less than $60. You can’t beat it. (FOTD to come soon!)

I was sad that the Warm Face Kit was sold out online, so I tracked one down and should have it within a week or two. I’m obsessed, it’s ok to laugh lol These are so great. The only thing I would change is that they need to be available EVERYWHERE…. department store counters need these too! My closest MAC store is FOUR HOURS AWAY! Come on, help a junkie out!

The MAC Festive Frost Face Kit retails for $59.50 and is sold exclusively at Nordstrom. This item is limited edition for Holiday 2011.

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