Surprise! These Products Can All Be Found at the Grocery Store!

Did you happen to invite someone special over for dinner and completely blank on the fact that you have nothing to feed them coupled with you’re out of that sweet smelling body care that drives them particularly wild? Also your house is a mess and according to your dog doesn’t smell particularly great. It happens to the best of us and, you may not realize this, but you can buy everything you need in one place – the grocery store.

Of course you’re going to find the food you need at the grocery store but you can also find items to cook it in, serve it in and save it in. Everyone loves a good to-go bag! Beyond the Tupperware you need to pick up the items that make it look like you’ve got it all together and it’s got to happen fast. At the grocery store you can also grab:

Cleaning Supplies. I’m talking the quick ones. They make wipes for everything now – windows, dusting, mopping… grab em all to quickly get at the most noticable areas of mess. Grab an extra laundry basket while you’re at it to throw random items in. Plop that in the basement or in a closet. You can put it away later.

Flowers, Candles and that General Ambiance. Throwing a plate of food in front of someone and calling it a date doesn’t make the night memorable and isn’t even remotely acceptable. This is your home you’re inviting someone into. Buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers along with the vase to put them in to show them off at the entry or on the table. Grab a few candles as well to set off a wonderful scent and help to create an enticing scene.

Body Care. This is not just food related body care to whip you into shape internally. This is the external body care that’s going to make you smell good and also gives off such a powerful scent it’ll make your bathroom smell amazing also. For just a couple bucks you can pick up Zest® Fruitboost™ Revitalizing Shower Gels and Zest® Fruitboost™ Smoothie Body Scrubs to indulge in a spa-like shower experience.

Just one tube of the shower gel can last you up to 40 showers (by using a quarter sized amount) with revitalizing and moisturizing vitamin C. Five scents are available in Very Berry, Pomegranate Acai Berry, Strawberry Kiwi, Citrus Splash and Peach Mango.

The body scrub is gentle because it’s finely ground and the natural avocado oils and rich moisturizers will keep your skin feeling smooth and silky. Three scents are available in Very Berry, Peach Mango and Citrus Splash.

If you weren’t aware that your grocery store carried Zest® Fruitboost™body care click here to find out where you can buy it. If you’re local to the Pittsburgh area Giant Eagle is a good place to look!

Makeup. Um. YES you need to buy makeup every single time you go to the grocery store. You don’t need to go full-scale new collection, but personally a new lipstick or nail polish always makes me feel a little bit more special. 😉

What surprising things do you find at your local grocery store? Is there anything you’d recommend to make a date night more special?

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Budget Beauty: Shower Upgrade

The shower is the one place where products get used up time and time again. Everything that you leave in your shower is a daily use item and are almost always your favorites. Backups of favorites are also always kept on hand so that if you do happen to run out while you’re mid-cleanse there is an extra right in front of you. Because of this fact it’s important to keep your bathroom beauty budget under control and find favorites that live at your local drugstore.

Recently I was introduced to the fact that Zest® has body care. Are you surprised? Of course you’ve heard of the soap because you need it to be “Zestfully clean” but the warm weather is rolling up and now you want to amp up your soap and grab a fruity scent. I do, anyway. These new products from Zest® are the perfect way to upgrade your shower routine while still keeping your budget under control (especially if you have kids aka mini-me’s running around that have to use everything that you use). Keep reading to find out more!

The new Zest® Fruitboost™ Revitalizing Shower Gels smell AMAZING and lather up perfectly so that you feel invigorated to get the day rolling. There are five scents in Very Berry, Pomegranate Acai Berry, Strawberry Kiwi, Citrus Splash and Peach Mango. My favorite is the Very Berry because it’s a light, sweetly fruity smell that is fresh for day time.

The Zest® Fruitboost™ Revitalizing Shower Gels have a formula that is 2x-concentrated that revitalizes with moisturizers and antioxidant-rich Vitamin C. You’ve heard about Vitamin C for your facial skin care, now know that you need it on your bod too. With just a quarter size amount one tube can last you up to 40 showers.

In addition to the shower gels there is also a coordinating line of Zest® Fruitboost™ Smoothie Body Scrubs. You guys KNOW I like my products to match. Shampoos and conditioners need to be the same, body washes and scrubs are no exception either. This is available in three scents – Very Berry, Peach Mango and Citrus Splash.

The Zest® Fruitboost™ Smoothie Body Scrubs are finely ground with natural apricot seeds to gently exfoliate and the natural avocado oils and rich moisturizers will help keep skin feeling soft and clean. It’s also important to note that these are free of parabens and phthalates.

Oh, yeah, and they’re only $3.00-$6.00 each so you can keep backups upon backups on hand and never run out of product or cash. Which is important for me since my kids don’t know the meaning of portion control and use up quite a bit in the tub and shower. Even though it smells fruity my son has deemed it his “man soap”. Especially the Fruitboost™ Pomegranate Acai Berry which he insists smells like bubblegum.

What scent of the new Zest® Fruitboost™ products do you think you’d like the most? Click here to find out where you can buy. If you’re local to Pittsburgh Giant Eagle is a good place to look!

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