Bellacures Nail Salon Experience & Review

Here is a first! A guest post! A while ago an opportunity was offered for me to visit a Spa. Awesome, right? But it’s out in California =\ No problem, Bellacures offered to let someone come in my place to review their salon! Awesomeee!

Which brings me to the first guest poster ever on BlushingNoir! Let’s see how she enjoyed her experience.

Please welcome, the amazing, Jen Mathews from My Beauty Bunny!


If you’ve been to one nail salon, you’ve been to them all, right? Nope. Not a chance. You really do get what you pay for, and I am speaking from experience. I’ve been to $10 nail salons (that should be a red flag right there!), $100 nail salons and everything in between. I want to tell you about a mid-range nail salon called Bellacures. Their least expensive basic mani is $20 and pedi is $25. There are plenty of add-ons and options if you want to get fancy. In addition to regular mani/pedis, they also offer gel, silk, acrylic, nail art and waxing. There are 8 locations in the Los Angeles area. I visited the Larchmont Village location.

Here’s why this is going to be the nail salon I frequent, even though there are nail salons closer to my house:

• They don’t use whirlpool spa chairs. At first I thought this was a bummer, but then I read why they don’t use the chairs. Research shows that if the pipes are not cleaned properly, bacteria, hair and skin particles can build up and cause infections. GROSS! Bellacures actually uses removable plastic liners that they replace for EVERY customer! The chairs are big and comfy and really I think the massage functions on the chairs are more of a distraction than anything else. I always hate it when the chair starts banging around right when the nail techs are putting on the polish.
• They autoclave all of their tools for each customer and they use NEW files, buffers, brushes and foot files for EACH customer! You can save yours, or get new ones each time you visit. Not many places do that, but it’s totally worth it to avoid things like bacterial or fungal infections or warts! Ew.
• The nail techs are amazing. The girls who did my nails (Jamie and Kailani) were super gentle and they didn’t rush. I have had my skin cut a few times at cheaper salons and because of that, I get really nervous when they start clipping and cutting cuticles. I didn’t feel nervous at all this time, because Jamie was so gentle. The gal at the front desk, Ora, was really nice too – she asked several times if I needed magazines or anything, and she brought me a cup of green tea. I should mention that this place is not pretentious at all. You can relax here.
• They have a nice selection of OPI, CND and Essie products. I chose a pretty gold/silver glitter mashup called “Number One Nemesis” (by OPI) for my fingers and a bright pink/orange shade for my toes. The girls suggested I either reverse that (bright on fingers, dark on toes) or do the darker shade on both. I chose the latter, and I’m glad I did!
• I asked for the Callus Treatment ($13) as an add-on. Jamie put the callus remover on my feet and wrapped them in plastic. Then she used a foot file to scrub away about 10 lbs of dead skin (I’m kidding, but it was a lot!). She was extremely thorough.
• The arm and leg massages that come with a basic mani/pedi are legit! We’re talking deep tissue here. They asked me if the pressure was okay, and I could have gone for a more relaxing massage, but I wanted the therapeutic variety, so I stuck it out. If that scares you, just ask them to be gentle and they will!
• And last, but not least, I really appreciate that the nail tech walks to each side of you while doing each hand instead of making you reach across your lap. That’s always awkward and uncomfortable for me.

So, yes – I’m a huge fan and I already want to go back! If you live in the Los Angeles area, do check it out!

Jen Mathews is the founder of My Beauty Bunny (, a cruelty free beauty blog for stylish ladies and gents. She is also the President of Top Tier Media (, a boutique social media and PR agency.

*** Services were provided by Bellacures in exchange for a review on their salon. All opinions of the service(s) are honest. For more information, please see the disclosure policy.