Top 10 Makeup Brushes Under $10

Do you want makeup brushes but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on updating your set? Or maybe this is your very first set of makeup brushes and you want to stay on budget but aren’t sure where to start. This is your time. The list of the Top 10 Makeup Brushes Under $10!

In no particular order:

  1. wet n wild®($0.99 and $2.99 // wet n wild)*. Starting in January 2016 wet n wild® will have a line of 17 new makeup brushes! All are Cruelty Free and Vegan! These brushes feel super soft and are obviously adorable. They’ll make it easy for you to enhance your beauty and also look pretty sitting on the vanity 😉
    Brushes shown – Large Eyeshadow Brush, Large Concealer Brush, Large Stipple Brush, Contour Brush, Bent Liner Brush and Blush Brush.
    If you’re sad about having to wait until January this might cheer you up – Use promo code GETWILD25 at for 25% off your entire purchase now until Sunday 11/8!
  2. ELF Smudge Brush($1.00 // Target). Yes. You read that right… it’s $1.00. Most of their brushes are priced at that and for $1.00 you’re getting seriously good brushes. The Smudge Brush is one of my favorites but I also have the Eye Shadow Brush and Blending Brush.
  3. Real Techniques Shading Brush($6.99 // ULTA Beauty). Most of the Real Techniques brushes are under $10. I mean… you can get a whole KIT for $17.99! If you want to go fancier they have a gorgeous bold metals collection but if you’re trying to stay on budget don’t be distracted, the quality is the same and you’re really just paying for pretty!
  4. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge($6.99 // ULTA Beauty). Okay. Not a brush. BUT it’s one of the best beautyblender dupes you’ll find and it’s perfect for your face makeup. Check out the review over on Slashed Beauty to see 4 ways to use this product!
  5. EcoTools Buffing Brush($5.08 // Target). I love this for buffing out powder products and even applying bronzer.
  6. EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Set($4.19 // Target). This duo is actually a quad! Each brush is double ending giving you four must-have makeup brushes for your eyes.
  7. SOHO Smudge Brush ($7.48 // Walgreens). This brush is good for smudging out your shadows and liners, but my love of these brushes lands on the lips! If you have a hate of actual lip brushes making line marks or just not being nice try an eye shader brush. This has been the best tip I’ve ever gotten from a makeup artist!
  8. Crown Brush(website). I pick a ton of these up every time I go to The Makeup Show. The quality is the same as MAC if not better and the regular price is definitely easier to swallow. Some brushes run as low as $3.95! My favorites are from the Syntho Series, Infinity Series and the Studio Pro.
  9. Sonia Kashuk Core Tools Duo Fibre Crease Brush – 205 ($6.99 // Target). I singled out one of my favorites but really the entire Core Tools line is one to check out. All are highly rated in terms of quality and priced extremely well.
  10. COVERGIRL Makeup Masters Eye Shadow and Liner Brush($6.99 // Target). This is awesome for applying cream eye products and you can even use it to apply concealer if you’re so inclined.

What are your favorite budget friendly makeup brushes? Check out what the other bloggers are loving for under $10 by clicking the icons below!

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Things I Repurchase at the Drugstore

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On my last vacation I got the opportunity to take a hard look at things that I’ve been using lately from the drugstore. As I packed I realized this is the same stuff I always revert to when I need to buy something to replenish what I’ve used. The items photographed here were all received as press samples, however I’ve purchased them myself in the past – some for years.

Aveeno. Did you know Aveeno was the first skincare brand from the drugstore that didn’t make my skin freak out when I touched it? This goes all the way back to when beauty blogs weren’t even a thing and most people didn’t even review their drugstore product purchases online. Before I knew about any other products that would work for me (drugstore and beyond) Aveeno made it possible for me to use body wash and have a bubble bath. There isn’t one thing in their line that my skin can’t handle and I love ’em for it! Some of my faves are pictured below, but seriously buy all the things.

Neutrogena Naturals Makeup Removing Towelettes($6.99 // Target) are a step up from the regular Neutrogena Makeup Removing Towelettes I’ve use in the past. What I love about these is that they remove all of my makeup on light days and don’t leave behind any kind of residue. On heavy makeup days I begin with these before I use my cleanser.

Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid($7.99 // Target) is new to me this year. 9 times out of 10 I’ve bought a Secret Deodorant in the past but this particular one caught my eye because of the words “stress response”. I stress and would like a response in my pits, please. I’ve been loving this one over the Summer because I don’t end up with any underarm staining and it keeps odors in check.

Dove Beauty Bar ($5.19 for 4 // Target). Usually when I use a soap over a body wash I have to use Safeguard, which is an anti-bacterial soap, so my skin doesn’t get angry. Dove Beauty Bar is another one that I can reach for to feel extra moisturized while keeping my skin on the happy side.

London SOHO Products. I say products in general because I buy as many as possible when they hit Walgreens. I went especially ham on the Frozen display. Beauty and the Beast is another of my favorite Disney movies and they hit the mark when creating the line. I’m in love with this SOHO Disney Belle Wristlet (which my daughter promptly stole) and Belle Enchanted Eyes Brush Set($12.99 // Walgreens). Another good buy is the set of SOHO Disney Aurora Fairy Sponges ($12.99 // Walgreens). You get three of them and while they’re not quite as fabulous as the original beautyblender they do get the job done and the finished result is lovely.

Gillette Venus SwirlRazor ($9.99 // Target). Before I started to wax (recently) and still on the places that don’t get waxed my razor of choice is the Gillette Venus Swirl. It gets all the hairs without the cuts and irritation. One of the best I’ve come across in the drugstores.

göt2b guardian angel gloss finish ($4.29 // Target). On the never-ending hunt for a protectant for your hair to use before you flat iron? End it now because the guardian angel is a love. It keeps hair looking sleek, healthy and even helps with the frizz.

Band-Aid® Heal Blister Bandages ($3.69 // Target). In a moment of pure genius (those can be few and far between when you have kids – but that’s a story for another time) I brought the Band-Aids. A lot of Band-Aids. And not the ones that my son needed when he slid into second =\ These ones saved the moms from blisters while walking from field to field for these all day baseball tournaments we’ve had all month long.

What’s your must have non-makeup drugstore product?

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ELF Disney Elsa Collection Swatches, Review + FOTD

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Did you guys see the Disney April Fool’s Joke yesterday? It totally got me! I was MAD LMAO. I felt like it would be a totally plausible thing to happen, at least for a year. Ugh. Anyway, what it did do that was positive was remind me to post about the ELF Disney Elsa Collection at Walgreens! Now, I found all of this in store on a HUGE display, so check locally. As of this blog post some is also still available on the Walgreens website.

I bought quite a bit of this collection and this was still me holding back. It’s all so beautiful and so perfectly Arendelle! Do note – this post is extremely pic heavy.

The first product I want to talk about is actually from SOHO Beauty and it’s the Disney Elsa Train Case ($11.99 // Walgreens). How could you not want an Elsa train case to hold all of your things?! This one has a handle at the top, blue zipper and an icy Elsa theme for the design. The interior is a deep blue with light blue snowflakes. Very roomy and wonderful for travel!

Snow and Ice Beauty Book($12.99 // Walgreens). This was the very first thing I grabbed! The book includes 8 Eyeshadows, 1 Shimmer Pencil, 1 Eyeliner Pencil, 1 Face Shimmer, 1 Lip Color and also a step-by-step guide to get the fairytale makeup look.

I thought the eyeshadow shades wore a lot more neutral than I anticipated based on first glance. The only one I thought didn’t perform very well and was also on the dry side was Marshmallow.

The Face Shimmer is an icy peach with a white E and snowflake. Very pigmented and very easy to over-do. I actually used this on my eyes because I felt like it was just way too much on my cheeks.

The Shimmer Pencil was my favorite of the two pencils because it had the little bit of dimension. I was worried the small amount of shimmer would irritate my eyes (I wear contacts) but there were no issues. The Eyeliner Pencil was gorgeous as well. Neither lasted long on my waterline – but what pencil does (it’s rare). These were both smooth and easy to apply – no dragging or skipping.

The Lip Color is such a hot pink with fantastic pigment, but in that wearable way. It’s glossy, smooth and not sticky.

In the swatches below the products are swatched dry, without primers.

(L-R: Shimmer Pencil, Eyeliner Pencil, Face Shimmer – white, Face Shimmer – icy peach, Lip Color)

The next items are ones that you can purchase separately… in case the beauty book just isn’t your cup of tea.

Snow and Ice Glow Eyeshadow ($6.99 // Walgreens). For those not into picking up the entire beauty book this palette has all the eye shadow shades you need to be Elsa, Anna… Sven (whatever, no judgement). I thought this palette of shadows performed a bit better than the ones in the beauty book and it of course has those beautiful blue shades. The color selection is definitely less neutral, so obv I recommend buying both 😉

In the swatches below the products are swatched dry, without primers.

Icing Eye Shadow & Eyeliner Let it Go($4.99 // Walgreens). If you’re not sitting, you should be. Let it Go offers a base of sheer, milky iridescence that is beautiful. But, the best part? It holds your shadows and eye look in place all day long. This one is seriously HG-appropriate. Swatched below with the Snow and Ice Icicle Face Palette.

Snow and Ice Icicle Face Palette ($6.99 // Walgreens). Like the Face Shimmer in the Beauty Book the shades in this face palette are, IMO, over-kill on the cheeks. Any are nice for a quick highlight but, even on my pale skin, offer very little color. Again, I like these more as eyeshadows.

In the swatches below the products are swatched dry, without primers.

(L-R: Snow and Ice Icicle Face Palette, Icing Eye Shadow & Eyeliner Let it Go)

Orly Color Blast in Ice-solated($6.99). A whole fun launch of Elsa inspired nail polishes from Orly Color Blast came out and while I can’t seem to find them on the Walgreens website some are still available in store. The only one I purchased was Ice-solated which is a a light blue shimmer. It’s on the sheer side so I used three coats for the swatch photo below. See more swatches of shades at Cosmetic Sanctuary.

In the look below:(Eyes)Icing Eye Shadow & Eyeliner Let it Go applied as a base with Arendelle applied all over the lid. Hans is in the crease with Kristoff used above to blend it out. Sven is at the inner corners of the eye and the Face Shimmer from the Beauty Book is the highlight. I also smudged a bit of Arendelle under the lower lash line. The Shimmer Eye Pencil is used as a liner with Benefit Roller Lash as the mascara. (Brows)IT Cosmetics Your Brows But Better Brow Power Skinny Pencil and Anastasia Clear Brow Gel. (Face)PUR Minerals Liquid Veil, 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup & Disappearing Act Concealer. For cheeks I used the Snow and Ice Icicle Face Palette peach shade, heavily, with a bit of the white shade as a highlight. (Lips) the Lip Color from the Snow and Ice Beauty Book.

Did you pick up anything from the ELF Disney Elsa Collection at Walgreens? Let me know what you bought or what you’re wishing for in the comments below!!

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Ardell Lashes and SOHO Beauty Disney© Villains Collections Photos & Review

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I’m flipping out over the Villains Collections from Ardell Lashes and SOHO Beauty.Anything Disney© related will likely always make me go a little crazy, but I love when the designs go more artistic and aren’t just the everyday images.

From SOHO Beauty there are four limited edition soft cosmetics bags in Ursula (goth drama), Evil Queen (dark seduction), Maleficent (wicked glamour) and Cruella de Vil (sophisticated luxe). They’re only $10.00, which is a steal considering the look, size and quality.

The sinister behavior of four animated divas put a spell on childhood fairytales by captivating audiences with their unimaginable magic. The vengeful ways of the Evil Queen, Maleficent, Cruella De Vil and Ursula captured the imagination and turned four evil queens into icons of dark and glamorous beauty. SOHO Beauty welcomes the dark side in fall 2013.

This October, SOHO Beauty will introduce the Villains collection, available at Walgreens. The selection of soft cosmetic bags captures the essence of each character with a modern twist for teens and adults. For a limited time only, the collection includes a “weekender” bag, a round train case, a clutch, and a two piece clutch set.

…and how fun is the interior! Red with dalmatians! DYING!

From Ardell Lashesthere are four kits (sold separately at $7.99 each) containing three lash styles, plus adhesive and a step-by-step tutorial. Completely perfect for Halloween and some are even natural enough to wear on the remaining days of this spooky month!

The Villains Collections from Ardell Lashes and SOHO Beauty are available now exclusively at Walgreens stores nationwide.