Seed Relaxing Lavender Healthy Hand Cream Photos & Review

Press Sample

At Seed, the owners believe in Seedology – meaning everything begins with a seed.

It’s a fact that a single seed contains all the nutrients that enable life. When you look inside a seed, it’s packed with elements that provide incredible skin health benefits. Our proprietary formulas are developed to deliver the most comprehensive benefits, while delivering an indulgent sensory experience. It’s all inside these tiny seeds – the essence and power to create a healthy life.

The Relaxing LavenderHealthy Hand Cream featured in this post contains grape seeds, which are known to diminish the signs of aging. Our hands see a lot of sun, which speeds up the physical aging process, so this product not only moisturizes your hands, but also has the natural ingredients to help keep them looking young.

The little dot shown above is all you need! If you overuse you’ll definitely notice that it takes awhile to soak in, possibly making your hands feel greasy. If you use the cream sparingly it will soak in quickly, leaving your hands feeling soft and smelling lovely (also available in Fragrance Free and Invigorating Citrus).

You can purchase Seed Relaxing Lavender Healthy Hand Cream for $8.00 directly from the website.