Bright Smile Basics with LISTERINE® Mouthwash + a Giveaway!

The holidays are here and it’s time to mingle! One of my biggest concerns when I’m attending a holiday event is breath. Not just my breath… but also the breath of others. Bad breath and bad oral hygiene are deal breakers in any situation, but especially during the holidays when you can’t get away from the offender very easily. Don’t be that offender. Don’t be the person under the mistletoe with the stank mouth. You can’t ever come back from that. Keep your breath in check and your smile bright with these four basic steps:

  1. Floss. Just because you don’t see or feel anything in your chompers doesn’t mean it’s not there. Grab some floss and get to work.
  2. Brush. I feel like that should really go without saying, but here we have it. Brush those teeth and make them shine. Everyone loves to look at a beautiful smile!
  3. Swish & Spit. Brushing alone actually misses 75 percent of your mouth. Rinsing with LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash reaches nearly 100 percent of your mouth and kills the germs that cause plaque, gingivitis and bad breath.
  4. Paint. Your teeth look whiter when you coat your lips with a blue based red lipstick. Sure, it’s a cosmetic illusion, but it’s inexpensive and every little bit helps!

It’s a frightening fact but the majority of adult Americans develops gingivitis at some point in their lives – and don’t even know it. Rinsing after you brush with tried and true LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash reduces 52 percent more plaque and 21 percent more gingivitis than brushing and flossing alone (via Clinical Data). How? By using four essential oils (Eucalyptol, Menthol, Thymol and Methyl Salicylate), which originally came from plant sources, that fight against plaque, gingivitis and bad breath. No other branded mouthwash has this unique, fixed combination formula that kills millions of germs on contact, helping to keep your mouth healthy and keeping you looking fabulous. For more information on LISTERINE® mouthwash, its unique essential oil-based formula, and how you can improve your oral health, visit

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