The Easiest Way to Get Vitamin C

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Okay, it’s not really very hard to make sure you’re getting the daily Vitamin C that your body requires. But if you’re as scatterbrained/forgetful as I am, you’ll appreciate this post.

To me, Vitamin C used to be the first thing I thought of when I was feeling sick. “OH, I need more Vitamin C, cue the OJ”. Those days when I felt sick were really the only times I ever concentrated on making sure my body was getting any sort of Vitamin C, and I’d ingest it in droves. At that point I’m already feeling sick and while the extra immune support does help, it’s something that I should’ve been doing before I started feeling lousy. A weak immune system is a huge indicator that your body isn’t getting enough of this important vitamin.

But Vitamin C is more than just immune support. In addition to immunities Vitamin C is also essential in helping your body grow and develop properly. Studies have even shown that a diet rich in Vitamin C can help reduce the risk of cancer by preventing damage to your cells from free radicals. It helps your skin, gums and even helps ward off cardiovascular diseases. Certain fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamin C (oranges, broccoli, brussels sprouts, papaya, strawberries, bell peppers…) – the more raw, the better.

This is a vitamin I’m not trying to miss out on anymore, particularly since I have two kids in school and they bring home ALL THE GERMS. Being that I’m always on-the-go and incredibly forgetful I always keep Ricola Herbal Immunity Lozenges in my bag. This way, if I don’t get enough of the foods rich in Vitamin C I can easily supplement it with the lozenge the moment I think about it. If I wait, I’ll forget.

Ricola Herbal Immunity Lozenges are the first widely available immunity product in the US that help to fight fatigue while also supporting the immune system. There are no artificial flavors or colors and the lozenges are free of genetically modified ingredients. There are two varieties available in Honey Herb and Citrus Herb. Pick them up now at CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid stores nationwide.

*I’m sharing #SwissHerbs in my life as part of a #Ricola sponsored series for Socialstars™. All opinions remain honest and my own. For more info on Ricola visit them on Facebook & Twitter.

How To Easily Remove Stains From Baseball Uniforms

This post was sponsored by the Maker of OxiClean™ through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about their White Revive™ Laundry Stain Remover, all opinions are my own.

“Let’s make the uniforms ALL WHITE!” … said no baseball mom ever. This year my sons All-Star Baseball uniform is 99% white. When I first heard the news I was happy about it, because last year they were mostly all black and it was just way too hot for that. Miserable, in fact. After the joy faded reality set in… and the following thoughts rushed through my head – “Don’t they realize how dirty these boys get?!”, “OMG they sometimes have THREE GAMES in one day and also they play 4 days of tournament in a row!”, “How can I get the grass, dirt and sports drink stains out in less than 12 hours so they’re ready to go for the next game?!”. Well, we found a way, which was by using OxiClean™ White Revive™ Stain Removerimmediately on the uniform when we got home.

For the baseball uniform the best way we found to remove every.single.stain is by doing the following:
1 // The minute we walk in the door my son takes off his uniform and we march it right down to the laundry room to pre-soak in warm water and one cap full of OxiClean™ White Revive™ Stain Remover. Make sure the powder is completely dissolved and the garment is completely submerged in the solution.

2 // We let it the pre-soak go about an hour or two (depending on how early we have to be up the next day for another round of games) and then toss the uniform in the laundry with our usual detergent and the OxiClean™ White Revive™ Stain Remover filled to line 2.
Tip: If you have a top-loader washing machine like I do make sure you add the detergent/OxiClean™ White Revive™ Stain Remover mix into the machine before adding in your whites.

This product and method is the best way we’ve found to clean the baseball uniform and remove all of the stains in the first try without worrying about harsh smells or dangerous spills. The method is our quickest, most-effective way to brighten whites and remove stains without chlorine bleach. It’s also safe for use on colorfast fabrics.

Parents have even commented they knew which one my son was on the field because his uniform was still so bright white (my mother-in-law can get out any stain and has a rep for it) and my husband and I let them know about the OxiClean™ White Revive™ Stain Remover, which they can do without the help of a MIL.

For more OxiClean™ White Revive™ Stain Remover info & how-tos check out their website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Healthy Snack Options When You Want a Treat For Breakfast

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I don’t want cereal. I don’t want eggs – too time consuming… too many dirty dishes. Usually I just want something quick but still nutritious that is still good for me. A nice, cool treat while it’s still hot out. So what are the best, healthy snack options? Nestle Outshine Fruit Bars and Simply Yogurt Bars.

Nestle Outshine Fruit Bars and Simply Yogurt Bars are the way you can get your treat in around breakfast time. For mornings I usually opt for the Simply Yogurt Bars and this helps to get my metabolism going without making me feel too full, which in turn would make me too tired to tackle the day. Is anyone else out there the type to not eat a “meal” until closer to lunch? It just upsets my stomach… small, enjoyable treats like these bars are my way around all of that.

By treating yourself to Nestle Outshine Fruit Bars and Simply Yogurt Bars you can get in the most important meal of the day but in a fun way! Mornings are basically no longer so crappy 😉

It’s how you can kick back and relax outside a bit in the morning – even if the Summer humidity is still lurking around and you’re not ready for anything hot or cooked.

Also I maybe let my kids have one before school so they aren’t cranky pants. Maybe.

In short – Nestle Outshine Fruit Bars and Simply Yogurt Bars are the perfect healthy snack alternative!

The Nestle Outshine Fruit Bars are made with real fruit or fruit juice and no GMO ingredients. The Simply Yogurt Bars are made with 100% yogurt. Can’t decide? Have both! Learn more about the product here, follow Outshine on their Instagram page at @OutshineSnacks or click here to find out where you can buy the products.

Snack brighter, snack healthier!

Back to School & Back to Germs

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It’s inevitable. When your kids go back to school they return home to you surrounded by a germ cloud. They can’t help it… they’re around 20-30 other students in one classroom all day long plus hundreds more in the cafeteria and at recess. Kids getting sick and catching colds is part of the school year and it just is what it is. But I don’t want any part of that.

As a stay-at-home parent I’m the primary caretaker during the day-to-day of kid-dom. When the kids come home from school it’s me that picks them up, gives them a snack, helps with the homework, takes them to practice and all the etc. During the 4-5 hours between school and bedtime I’m in constant contact. Constant, germy contact. Sure, they wash their hands immediately, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t putting their hands in their mouths or up their noses during the school day (trust me, they probably were). So, they’ll get sick. If I’m not careful, I’ll get sick.

If you’ve ever had to take care of someone else while you’re also sick (whether it be your kid, someone else’s kid, a parent, animal, etc) you’ll know it makes being sick a million times worse. You truly cannot rest. Add taking care of the household and holding down a job (whether at home or outside of the home) and you basically have zero time to feel less than 100%. So you do whatever you can to keep your immune system operating at warp speed.

My kids went back to school last week and since that time I’ve upped my game. I’m making sure I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This seems like it’d be the easiest thing but in reality it’s the hardest, especially when you’re used to chugging your first cup of coffee and nursing your second as you sit on your butt most of the day. To help I chug a big glass of water as soon as I wake up, another big glass when I get home from dropping the kids at school and then another at lunch. Getting all of that in before the afternoon hits makes it more do-able to get all 64oz. in plus when it’s early like that I won’t be up all night going to the bathroom.

I’m actually exercising, you guys. I walk every morning with a friend to not only get the blood pumping and my energy going but it’s also a great way for a stay-at-home parent to get some adult interaction. Vent sesh, if you will. When I get home I’m more awake and feel ready to tackle anything. Throughout the day I’m less stressed out and have more patience. Exercise and keeping your body in check is really good for the immune system.

Food is always going to be a challenge for me, but I’m adding some things to my diet that help support the immune system. I’ve been particularly fond of having a grapefruit in the morning before my walk. Not only is the Vitamin C excellent for the immune system but grapefruit amps up your metabolism.

Finally, before my walk but after my grapefruit I’m popping a Ricola Herbal Immunity. These lozenges use herbs, ginseng and vitamins B6, B12 and C to boost immunity strength and fight fatigue. Keeping the bod healthy will always help me to bring my A-game!

Ricola Herbal Immunity is available in two varieties – Honey Herb Lozenges and Citrus Herb Lozenges. They will be available early September in CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid stores nationwide.

How do you keep your immunities up during back-to-school?

*I’m sharing #SwissHerbs in my life as part of a #Ricola sponsored series for Socialstars™. All opinions remain honest and my own. For more info on Ricola visit them on Facebook & Twitter.

Keeping a Healthy Mind // A New Way of Making Lists

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The end is almost here. I’m not talking about the apocalypse, but to a stay-at-home mom… it’s basically just as impending – just not in a “doom” sort of way. The end of Summer. It’s as joyous for me as the beginning of Summer. At the beginning you’re so excited to spend some extra time with your family whether it be in the day-to-day or that much anticipated vacation. Around mid-July the joy has dulled and you start that “back-to-school” countdown on your calendar.

I’m a stay-at-home mom, but because I’m a full-time blogger I’m also a work-from-home mom. The balance was a struggle this Summer. I’m that person that makes a to-do list every single day, but that puts way too many “to-do’s” on the list. My daily list should basically be someone’s weekly list. At the end of the day it’s disheartening to see that you only completed 3 tasks out of 15.

Throughout the past few months I’ve had to change a few things and learn to juggle my list in a new way. Which, quite honestly, needed done anyway .. the kids being home just forced me to actually do it.

At the beginning of the week make your “Master List”. This list should compile everything you need to do for the entire week. Some people like to keep work lists, home lists, family lists…. all the lists separate. That’s a lot of lists. I don’t do that, but I do keep them organized so that I can pull evenly from them. I write down all of the family responsibilities first, then home/cleaning and then work goals.

The night before (so, for me, I start off on Sunday night) I get out my Master List and my planner and plan out my Monday (or whatever the next day is when you start this). I write down the things that I must do first. You know, those things that can’t/won’t wait a day such as a deadline an appointment etc. Do this ONE DAY AT A TIME. Plan Tuesday on Monday night, Wednesday on Tuesday night and so forth. In my planner I tend to keep work items at the top and then home/family items in the middle and bottom sections.

Throughout the day if I do something that wasn’t on my list I make sure to write it in my planner so that at the end of the day I can see how much I actually accomplished. Before this new way of planning/list-making I wouldn’t do that and it would appear like I only did one thing all day when in fact I did 3 or 4. When it’s not written down in front of you, how are you supposed to get that well-deserved feeling of success?

In most instances of my life I reject change and pride myself on being a creature of habit. But sometimes change is a good thing and I feel like this new way of making my lists has made me a more productive person which in turn has also made me a happier person.

One other way I keep myself and my mind healthy is by making sure my immunities are in check. How would I get my list checked off if I got sick? An easy way to boost immunity strength and fight fatigue is by enjoying Ricola Herbal Immunity every day – before you get sick. This throat drop uses the power of herbs, ginseng and vitamins B6, B12 and C to help you stay well and always be prepared to tackle anything the day throws at you.

Ricola Herbal Immunity is available in two varieties – Honey Herb Lozenges and Citrus Herb Lozenges. They will be available early September in CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid stores nationwide.

How do you keep focused and stay on track all day long?

*I’m sharing #SwissHerbs in my life as part of a #Ricola sponsored series for Socialstars™. All opinions remain honest and my own. For more info on Ricola visit them on Facebook & Twitter.

The Period Project // What You Need to Know

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No woman likes to talk, think or ever pretend their period exists. But, there it is. It’s a fact of life – hit a certain age, get your period. TBH I think the only time a girl is ever happy about her period is the first time she gets it (unless, of course, she’s in public with no saving grace available) and then after that the pain of it all (literally) just grows. For the most part women can afford to go out and buy a box of feminine care essentials every month. But what about those who can’t?

U by Kotex is currently partnering with women who are passionate and have ideas for making things a little bit better when it comes to feminine care. Through the partnership they’re turning ideas into reality through a multi-year program called The Period Projects – making REAL changes both big and small.

The second installment of The Period Project is inspired by Holly Sanchez. When Holly realized homeless shelters were lacking in feminine hygiene products she sent out a tweet which lead to the partnership between her, U by Kotex and to create the Power to the Period campaign – the first ever national period products donation drive. With 5.3 million members in 131 countries is one of the largest global organizations for young people and social change. The campaign will take a look at the personal needs of those that are homeless and bring awareness to the lack of places to turn to for period products.

3.5 million Americans each year experience homelessness. The U by Kotex Power to the Period drive encourages people to buy and donate an extra pack of period products to a homeless shelter. It’s important to note that the packages should be unopened and individually wrapped. This is more hygienic and it’s necessary that people are able to see the instructions on the package.

How you can get involved:

  • Kickstart a Power to the Period donation drive or donate new boxes of period products to a drive in your area from Thursday, July 14 through Friday, September 30.
  • Visit, or text PERIOD to 38383.
  • Visit to learn more about other Period Projects and to request a U by Kotex® product sample. Join the online conversation with #PeriodProjects.

The U by Kotex® brand will also make product donations on behalf of contest winners and participants can sign up for a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship.

Check out Ingrid Nilsen in the Power to the Period PSA here and learn more about the U by Kotex Power to the Period drive. Get involved!

*Thank you to U by Kotex for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

How We’re Celebrating International Friendship Day

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Admittedly I have very few close friends. There are a lot of people out there that I enjoy and that I have fun with, but an actual “friend” is someone that I hold incredibly close and in very high regard. July 30th is International Friendship Day and while I think friends should be celebrated every day I am glad that there’s a day other than a holiday or birthday where we can all drop what we’re doing in our busy lives and get together. With drinks….. and also a lot of junk food.

My favorite thing to do with my friends is reminisce. When my friends and I sit around with old yearbooks, photographs and videos it basically turns into a sleepover because we can’t stop gabbing about “old times”. One memory leads into another and before you know it we’re laughing and crying together as only the best of friends can do.

You guys would probably think we were lame but way back then we didn’t have cell phones. Well… we did but they were bigger than your home phone is now and they didn’t have cameras. Listen I had a PAGER. =| I had to find a pay phone to call back on and I had about 5 minutes to do it or my mom was coming looking for me. No one sat around taking selfies and talking about why Tommy didn’t like their latest Instagram photo. We used to hang out and talk face-to-face. Drive around and find more people to talk to face-to-face. We met a TON of people and made even more memories. I took photos with a throw away camera. It took something like 20 pics and then ran out so you always had to make sure to have at least 2 on hand at all times. Suffice it to say at our gab sessions there is always a lot to talk about.

With all that gabbing our throats are sure to get dry so in addition to the drink menu and chocolate galore I keep a bowl of Ricola® throat drops on the table because they contain Chrüterchraft (a secret blend of 10 Swiss herbs) and the delightful balance of taste and effectiveness. My personal favorite thing about Ricola® is the backstory – it’s a family-run company headquartered in Laufen, Switzerland with more than 40 different ranges of herb drops and teas that can be found in over 50 countries. Since it’s been around 85+ years it’s got traditions, memories and heritage – things friendship brings which proves even more-so that FRIENDS ARE ALSO FAMILY!

I’ve seen many long-term friendships fall apart, sometimes over the silliest reasons, and I think it’s important to remember why you’re friends in the first place. People grow, sometimes apart, but that doesn’t make them any less of an important person in your life. How will you and your friends celebrate International Friendship Day?

*I’m sharing #SwissHerbs in my life as part of a #Ricola sponsored series for Socialstars™. All opinions remain honest and my own. For more info on Ricola visit them on Facebook & Twitter.

Keeping Comfortable & Maintaining Happy When Outside

*I’m sharing #SwissHerbs in my life as part of a #Ricola sponsored series for Socialstars™.

It’s that time of the year!! Tournament baseball season. My son moved up an age group so he’s back to being one of the youngest on his level. He said he wanted to try out for the All-Star Team again. Of course we let him but we were also mentally preparing ourselves that he wouldn’t make it this time. He’s going into 4th grade while the oldest kids on his level are headed into 6th grade. Maybe you’re sitting there thinking “well, that’s only two years”. But I can tell you there is a decent difference in size, power and maturity in those two years.

At the end of the regular season we found out he made the team (YAY!) and I quickly realized I needed to get back in the mindset of packing my “mom bag” full of items that would keep all of us healthy, hydrated and – I’ll just go ahead and say it – mentally stable through those long days of brutal heat and dusty dirt getting kicked around in our faces for 12 hours.

Besides the usual things like water, sports drinks and SPF I also keep something on hand you might not think of but that is incredibly helpful at keeping me and the fam healthy and comfortable – Ricola® Original Throat Drops.

I mentioned dirt kicked in the face… obviously I’m not ON the field… BUT, while “fans” sit on the bleachers, parents round the fence to cheer on their little mini-me and see as much as possible. My spot is usually around the third base area where just about every player slides to get to. I eat a lot of dirt. In case you’ve never eaten dirt before it’s not very good and it really dries out the throat making it hard to talk let alone yell and cheer for your kid. The Ricola® throat drops keep my throat from drying out and also help with maintaining a natural well-being, resulting in a more comfortable day due to Chrütercraft, which is the blend of ten signature herbs.

These herb drops make the day pass quickly and go as smoothly as possible. No one needs an uncomfortable, cranky mom around! How do you keep your throat refreshed on a long, hot day?

*I’m sharing #SwissHerbs in my life as part of a #Ricola sponsored series for Socialstars™. All opinions remain honest and my own. For more info on Ricola visit them on Facebook & Twitter.

The Coolest Treat Bag at the Pool

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One of the main Summer activities going on around here is a daily trip to the pool. It’s already borderline brutal hot out so the decision to get to the pool the minute it opens and stay through the afternoon is not a hard one. What is a hard decision is figuring out the snacks I’m having at the pool to keep my own personal sweet tooth under control.

The pool we frequent is private, but anyone in the community can pay to join every year. So, to make some money, they have an awesome snack bar. Of course. To keep myself out of this snack area I pack a treat sack. To stay smart about it and keep myself from going overboard and eating all of the treats at once I section them off into threes.

My snack of choice can sometimes be a menagerie of things but lately I’ve been into the new OREO THINS because they’re thin, crisp and completely satisfying. That Mint flavor got me like you wouldn’t believe <3

Since one flavor is never enough I picked up three kinds – the original OREO flavor, Mint and Lemon. Because there are several flavors of these thin cookies to choose from it basically makes my snack bag into the ultimate treat destination of my adult life.

To create my own personal “coolest treat bag at the pool” I first get one sandwich sized baggie and then several personal sized baggies.

Next I pick up my snacks of choice which recently, as I said above, are the new OREO THINS.

Since I’m into variety I pack all three of my favorite flavors, each in it’s own personally sized baggie for convenience and control but it also makes them easier to share.

I pop the snack baggies into the bigger one and they’re ready to get pulled out the minute the craving strikes. Since the flavors are all a little different the sectioned baggies also make it so that flavors don’t get mixed up. I’m weird about that!

For days when I don’t have the time to baggie it I grab one of the OREO THINS 12 packs where there are already 4 cookies to a pack. Easy, peasy.

This makes for the coolest treat bag at the pool 😉 All the moms want one!

I picked up all three of these flavors (but there are more!) at my local Walmart!

What do you eat when you’re at the pool?

*This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #newOREOThins #CollectiveBias

The Art of Reminiscing … Tradition with a Future

*I’m sharing #SwissHerbs in my life as part of a #Ricola sponsored series for Socialstars™.

In my family we have no less than one party a weekend. Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation, the sun came up yesterday…. everything is a celebration. Then the next day there is usually a celebration to get rid of the leftovers from the original celebration. Every day is a party and one of the most wonderful things the family does at these parties is reminisce.

There’s probably no greater past-time out there than reminiscing about the things you did years ago. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult thinking about 30 years ago or a child talking about last week. Those wonderful memories always bring smiles, laughter and greater bonds between people.

This year Ricola® turns 75 and you can reminisce with them about the history of the herb story. Ricola’s success story is based on “tradition with a future” beginning in 1930 with just one man and growing to the company it is today which houses 400+ employees worldwide. The ten signature herbs in Ricola (called Chrütercraft) work together as one to give a one-of-a-kind relief in just one throat drop.

I always joke to my husband and say that I could repeat his stories verbatim because he tells them so much, but it’s in a loving way. He gets so animated and excited talking to his cousins, Aunts and Uncles about the past that I can only hope my kids have the same wonderful memories of their childhood.

What do you like to reminisce about with your loved ones?

*I’m sharing #SwissHerbs in my life as part of a #Ricola sponsored series for Socialstars™. All opinions remain honest and my own. For more info on Ricola visit them on Facebook & Twitter.