Top 10 Hair Products to Try

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I have been posting SO MUCH hair care lately that it’s only appropriate to do a Top 10 Hair Products post. Even as I sit here typing this I’m thinking of all of the products I forgot to include in this. There are easily enough for a Top 20 so I’m going to keep this post to my most recent discoveries of faves!

In no particular order:

  1. Redken. Lately this brand has really been on my radar, mostly thanks to my husband (see Favorite Hair Product for a Man below). First off, I’ve been using their Texturizing Sea Spray* ($ // ULTA Beauty) and Braid Aid* ($25.00 // ULTA Beauty) on my daughters hair. She has this very silky, fine hair that is impossible to deal with for styling. Braids, updos… nothing ends up working out or lasting because her strands slip out. I use the Sea Spray all over her hair and brush it through (not saturated, but misted) and then put some of the Braid Aid on my fingers as I work on her look. It’s been a Godsend!
    I’ve also been playing around with their Frizz Dismiss line* ($8.50-$35.50 // ULTA Beauty) and have been loving how it’s keeping my frizz to a minimum this Summer My hair is manageable with this, and that, I like. This is sulfate & sodium chloride-free.
  2. DermOrganic. Leave-In Spray Therapy* ($20.00 // ULTA Beauty) has been fabulous for when my hair is curled and I want to run my hands through it to separate it up a bit. This product adds shine to my strands without weighing them down.
  3. Living Proof. If a Perfect Hair Day* ($26.00 // Sephora) is all you need then you’ve found it! I’m a huge fan of this brands No Frizz line ($15.00-$36.00 // Sephora) and Perfect Hair Day is just as fabulous to smooth into wet or damp hair to help keep your mane in check during the suffering of the weather. 😉 (Review).
  4. Peter Coppola. The Keratin Concept Legacy Collection* (Review) kept my hair in check during 118 degree Las Vegas heat. It doesn’t get more impressive than that. Purchase at
  5. Keune. The line is fabulous for helping my hair look less oily. It’s extremely impressive how well it does that as well as keeps frizz at bay. Find a salon here to purchase. (Review).
  6. Nora Ross. Garlic Shampoo & Conditioner* may seem intimidating, but there is no garlic smell and the benefits are insane. Very clarifying, very hair softening. Purchase on the website. (Review).
  7. Sebastian. Potion 9 ($18.95 // ULTA Beauty), y’all. I got this in a beauty sub box and haven’t let it go since. It’s a must-have styling product if you’re into flexible hold.. which I am. I also love their Shaper Plus Extra Hold Hairspray ($10.00 // ULTA Beauty) for times when I needs me some hold.
  8. Suave. Popping mousse in my hair is the best way to get my curls to hold all day long. My go-to for awhile now has been Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Mousse* ($6.49 // Walgreens). Pop some of that in wet hair, brush through, blow dry… get to stylin’.
  9. Biotera. I did an entire post on awesome dry shampoos and Biotera Invisible Dry Shampoo* ($7.69 // Sally Beauty) is one of my top picks from that post. Great at absorbing that nasty oil and making you look like you actually washed your hair that day. No residue, no problems!
  10. CLEAR SCALP & HAIRâ„¢. The Intense Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner* ($4.99-$5.99 // Target) have been instrumental at fixing up the scalps and chlorine damaged hair of the women in this house. Affordable and a must-have for a Summer hair fix! (Review).

Favorite Hair Product for a Man: Redken For Men Firm Grasp Texturizing Clay ($19.00 // ULTA Beauty). My husband, he is a diva. He loves that this holds but doesn’t make his hair look overly-styled and crunchy.

Hair Products I Want to Try: Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo ($7.99 // ULTA Beauty). I read a ton of reviews on this line awhile ago but haven’t had the chance to try it! It’s on the list to get at ASAP!

Also this week I’m testing outmystery hair care! Any guesses as to what it is? I won’t even know myself until the end of the week!

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Keune Care Line Review // Hair Care

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As has been said by me more often that not my hair is oil on top, frizz on bottom. A random and actually stressful deal when it’s time to get myself presentable in the Summer months. Actually, I should say that it’s been stressful in the past (like my high school/college days) because nowadays there are a ton of great products lines out there for all hair types so we can all at least feel like we have the hair of a bombshell. For me, one of those lines is the Care Line from Keune.

Keune Care Line Regulating Shampoo ($38.18 // Find a Salon). This shampoo worked wonders for cleansing my hair and actually helps to control sebum (oils). An excess of sebum will cause the hair to look oily and sometimes smell. If you have issues with oil, you need this. Using this shampoo actually allowed me to go into evening without having to spritz dry shampoo on my scalp. By morning I needed to either wash or apply dry shampoo, but I’m hoping over a longer period of time this will help control the oil into the next day.

Keune Care Line Ultimate Control Conditioner ($17.70 // Find a Salon). Made for frizzy hair this conditioner is nourishing without making my hair look limp or dirty. I have some flyaways around my hair line and this also helps to control that while locking out humidity. My hair was super manageable, soft and shiny. You can leave this on for 1-3 minutes. I used it for around a minute on the scalp and then applied a bit more from mid-hair to ends for more protection.

Keune Care Line 2-Phase Spray Ultimate Control($33.08 // Find a Salon). Generally I use a cream product while my hair is damp (concentrating on the ends) and then a spray product on the ends before I style. Needless to say using just one product was intimidating, especially since I’ve had a lot of appointments this week and need to look as normal as possible. This leave-in spray has two parts – the white phase enhances shine and the blue phase controls frizz. You shake this well and then spritz it all over your hair. I concentrated it at the ends and then brushed it through for more even distribution. I found the formula to be light and easy to use.

This trio made my hair look healthy, feel healthy and helped control the major problem areas of my hair (i.e. oil and frizz). If you have a similar hair type to mine I would absolutely recommend these three products to you. They work and there is no heavy fragrance at all. If anything there is just a slight, refreshing scent that is hardly noticeable (and maybe it was just me imagining things lol that’s how light it was!).

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