Japonesque Pink Heated Mini Eyelash Curler Photos & Review

Japonesque has decided to make your life easier. They took some heat, added it to an eye lash curler, and made a product that is said to create natural curl for those hard to curl lashes. But does it work?

What the Ulta website says about the Japonesque Pink Heated Mini Eyelash Curler:

The The Japonesque Pink Heated Mini Eyelash Curler creates a sweeping, deep, natural curl for hard to curl lashes. Unlike traditional curlers that can pinch or break lashes with pressure, the Heated Mini Eyelash Curler lifts and curls the lashes with heat. Use before or after mascara application. The sleek all-in-one design is battery powered, slipping neatly into your pocket or purse.

The idea of this product is fabulous. So often you hear of people heating up their eye lash curler with a blow dryer, which can get WAY too hot and damage your lashes, or your lid if you get it too close.

The performance of this product is sub-par. It heats up quickly, isn’t overly hot (you can touch it and not get a burn. Aren’t you glad I tested that for you?) and is easy to brush over your lashes. However, I noticed no difference. My lashes have a slight curl to them, to the point where even a regular lash curler doesn’t make much of a difference, but since this says it’s for “hard to curl lashes” I did expect SOMEthing to happen. At least it’s compact and pretty in pink =)

The Japonesque Pink Heated Mini Eyelash Curler retails for $18.00 and is available at Ulta. If pink isn’t your deal you can also pick it up in black.

Japonesque Touch Up Tube Makeup Brush Set Photos & Review

For the month of October, Japonesque is doing their part in the fight against breast cancer. For all purchases made from the Pink Collection, Japonesque will be donating $1 to Breast Cancer Awareness Research.

One of these items is the Pink Touch-Up Tube Set, which contains a lip brush, a blush/powder brush, two eye detailers and a foundation brush, all housed in a sleek and light purse-friendly travel case.

Japonesque brushes are always nice for application of your powder and cream products and affordable. This particular set comes with a nice assortment of brushes that you’d need for travel, though I’d have liked to have seen a larger firm brush for shadows. The case feels like tin and is sturdy but light. This is the perfect and girlie set for your desk drawer at work or to keep in your locker at school!

The Japonesque Pink Touch Up Tube Set retails for $19 and is available Ulta.com and Ulta Stores Nationwide.

Japonesque Safari Chic Bronzer Brush Photos & Review

My leopard print lovin’ heart is beside itself!  Japonesque is launching a Safari Chic Brush Collection at Ulta!!!! Today I have the Safari Chic Bronzer Brush to share with you, but you can bet the minute I spot the rest of them, they’ll be on their way home with me.

From the Press Release:

Tigresses! Prowl your way to ULTA today and get your paws on the wildly chic, new Safari range from Japonesque. Your make up bags will roar!

Flaunt your inner feline with our purr-fect Safari Brush Set, which consists of an uber-plush Powder Brush, Shadow Brush and Crease Brush. A signature microfiber case holds these lust-worthy, leopard print brushes, designed to keep you catwalk-ready while you’re out on the prowl. This tempting trio costs $29.95.

Priced $22, this super-luxe bronzer brush is paw-sitively splurge-worthy. Roam around with a beautiful, sun-splashed flush. Get your claws into this Summer’s chicest brush. Meow!

Made with synthetic fibers, the Safari collection is also animal-friendly.

The Safari Chic Bronzer Brush is a super soft leopard print goddess. Firm yet pliable enough to apply your bronzer (or really any powder) to perfection in all areas that your aiming to bronze.

The Safari Chic Bronzer Brush retails for $22.00 and is available at Ulta. (Currently Japonesque is buy one get one half off at Ulta!)