Top 10 Pedicure Products for the Best Looking Summer Feet

Press Sample

Ahhhh… Summer. The time when men and women get to literally put their so-called “best foot forward”. Whether we want to or not, we get to see every one’s feets. I hate feets, you guys. I don’t care if you’re a foot model, feet are gross. Now that I’ve insulted you all (sorrynotsorry), here are my Top 10 Pedicure Products. AKA the must haves to make the appearance of your tootsies at least somewhat bearable to us all.

In no particular order:

1.Cleanse. Please clean your feets. Why would you go off on the pampering, softening and adorning if you have Fred Flinstone Feet (Google it). This Summer I’ve been using a soap from Swell Skin* containing Sea-buckthorn, aloe, astragalus and vitamin E. It says it’s for the face, but my feet need love too.

2.Oil. Argan or otherwise. It’s not just for hair. The serum I’ve been loving lately is also from Swell Skin* and it can be used on the face as well. The 100% Sea Buckthorn makes for top-notch healing even for pimples. Head to toe treatments = timesaver! (TIP: do your feets last or wash your hands… don’t go foot to face. Grosssss,)

3.Scrub. I’m ticklish as all get out (just ask the pedicurist that almost got a foot to the face). However I do love a good scrub, and LUSH Ocean Salt is my favorite for my feet and all over the rest of my body.

4. A good Foot Mask. I am loving this one by Iroha*. It’s cheaper than getting it done at a salon and in some cases cleaner! Anyway, the foot mask smells amazing, feels amazing and kicks butt at it’s job. They also have one for your hands and this yummy Chocolate face mask! At home pampering FTW!

5. A Glass Nail File. These last forever and they’re the best thing for your nails. Mine is from Cult Nails and I’ve had it at around 2 years (give or take? I picked it up right when they first came out)! Or maybe you need a nail clipper, because it’s that out of hand.

6.Lotion. Coat those bad boys in a cream from LUSH (I’m partial to Charity Pot because it is fantastic and also every single penny from the sale goes to fund and support grassroots charities all around the world.

7. Drugstores have awesome creams too. If the Charity Pot is a little too rich you for your blood you MUST get the Neutrogena Norweigian Formula Foot Cream. I fell heavy and hard for the Hand Cream, so I had a near panic attack rushing to the checkout line to buy the foot cream.

8. A bright, very distracting nail polish. There are no excuses for this one. This is the year of the neons and some really fantastic ones exist. Check out any of the Neons by OPI or the Color Club Poptastic Collection!

9. Baby Powder. That’s not a joke. It’ll help keep sweat and stink at bay. If you can’t stand to smell your own feet just know that it’s 10 times worse for an outsider. #themoreyouknow.

10. The cutest flip flops evah. Whether they’re Old Navy or Manolo get a comfy, flashy pair of flops. Everyone needs foot bling (not toe-rings, though. please…).

I just thought of feet that are okay. Baby feet. So cute!

What do you like to use to get your beat best feet Summer ready?

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