Glossier Boy Brow Review + How I Do My Eyebrows

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I’ve had the Glossier Boy Brow($16.00 // Glossier) in my possession for many months now. I didn’t use it right away because I was at that point where I was hating on my brows. Every day – brow hate. My eyebrows have been growing back, which is nice, and a decent shape is beginning to form… but ohhhh my goodness does that take time. It basically takes years. Between the 90’s girl pluck-a-thon that I was a part of and all the hormonal BS (thanks, mom body) my grow back time is going to be at the maximum. Oh, you have one “Nickleback brow”? I have two. Until I saw this YouTube video.

In the video she begins with some tips & steps then continues by brushing a clear brow gel through her brows and letting it dry. Maybe you’re like – “DUH, Brooke” – but seriously it’s something I’ve never tried in all of the years I’ve been fighting with my brows. My eyes fell to the Glossier Boy Brow and I thought… what the heck…. can’t hurt, right?! Now, I used a tinted version, specifically the shade “Blond”, because A. that’s what was sent to me and B. because I was like “well the tinted version will show me where all of those fine, light hairs are laying and I won’t over-fill”.

…and it worked. I began by popping the powder on the brow, as the video suggests, and then applying Glossier Boy Brow in Blonde. As it dried a bit I worked on my eye makeup. The tinted Boy Brow picked up on all of my rando hairs so it was easier for me to fill in and not look too drawn in. Interestingly enough it also touched on hairs that were out of the brow line I want to keep so I was able to see them better to remove them – making it easier to keep my brows in shape at home.

Next I used the spoolie on the end of my brow pencil to brush through the gel again. I feel it makes the hairs look a bit fluffier but they still hold in place and obviously keep the tint. I’m basically using different brow pencils every time because I test things a lot but I always go back to my tried and true IT Cosmetics YBBB. As she instructs in the video I marked the areas to fill by using the pencil at the inside dip of the nose for the inner part of the brow, then place the pencil at the outer base of your nostril to find the center where the arch should be and the outer where the tail of the brow should end.

After I finish up with the filling in I brush them through one more time and it’s done! There’s no need for more gel and if you use the right pencil your brows will last you all day long.

How do you fill in your eyebrows?

Three shades of Glossier Boy Brow are available in Blond, Brown and Black. Shop for it on their website where it retails for $16.00.

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Glossier Phase 1 Set Photos + Review

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Glossier is my latest skincare obsession.Glossier believes that “beauty should be fun, easy, imperfect and personal”. I’m so with them on that. The collection is created so that you can have a smaller arsenal around of staples to get the job done and get it done well. Another fun fact… you know Emily from Into The Gloss? Same creator!

For my first post on Glossier I’m sharing the Phase 1 Set($80.00 // Glossier) which includes four products: Soothing Face Mist, Priming Moisturizer, Perfecting Skin Tint and Balm Dotcom. All full size, all cruelty free, good for all skin types. Each piece in this set can also be purchased separately, but you’ll save a buck when you buy them together.

Soothing Face Mist ($18.00 for 4 fl.oz // Glossier). Use this by gently spritzing onto your face (I think it should go without saying to close your eyes, but do that). This is perfect for after you cleanse to get your face ready for moisturizer but you can use it all day long as needed. I love to keep mists like this in the refrigerator, especially in the hot months, for a nice cool off. Sweating is gross, glowing is not. Soothing Face Mist is my happy place. Key ingredients: Rosewater, Aloe and Glycerin.

Priming Moisturizer ($25.00 // Glossier). Apply liberally after using the Soothing Face Mist, adding more on those extra dry places. I love that this is gentle enough and able to be layered on to drier patches of skin. My cheeks get pretty raunchy in the winter so I’ve been massaging a bit extra of this in at night and it’s totally making a difference! It’s fragrance free and feels cooling when I apply it. Key ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid (aka my jam), Mushroom Super Hydrator, Anti-Redness Complex, Oxygenating Agent and and Antioxidant Blend.

Perfecting Skin Tint ($26.00 // Glossier). Shake this one up and apply using your fingers (it really is the best way for this one) all over moisturized skin. The shade sent to me was medium, but it’s also available in Light and Dark shades. I found the medium to be a touch too dark for me, but it’s very sheer so I’d probably be able to get away with it when the warmer months hit and I get a bit of color. For winter I’d definitely get light. The formula on this is thin so you’ll be getting extremely light coverage from it. I personally found this best to use as a makeup primer on days when I don’t wear a full face. I apply this all over the skin and then use a powder over-top. It’s now safely tucked away for Summer months when I’m sitting out by the baseball fields all day! Key ingredients: Diamond Powder (for that blurring effect. WORD.), Glycerin and Polymer X.

Balm Dotcom ($12.00 // Glossier). Not just for your lips! This do-it-all goes anywhere that needs moisture – lips, cuticles, elbows, knees… any of the rough. Loving this on my lips and cuticles this winter! Key ingredients: Castor Seed Oil, Beeswax, Lanolin, Cupuacu Fruit Extract and Rice Bran & Rosemary Leaf Extracts.

^^^ I love the packaging! It’s also important to note that my 6 year old stole those stickers and her entire bedroom door says Glossier. =|

The Glossier Phase 1 Set retails for $80.00 and is available on You also get free shipping when you purchase this set.

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