Perfect the Selfie with Glam Screen by Jonathan Cheban!

Press Sample

In today’s world it’s not easy to take the perfect selfie. It’s also not very smooth to whip out your powder compact at the table to check your face after eating. Now there is a product that will let you check your face and also protect your phone! Jonathan Cheban (of Keeping Up With the Kardashians fame) has developed the Glam Screen – an HD Mirror/Screen Protector that turns your phone into a mirror when the light is off and turns clear when the light is on.

I am in love with this. It’s truly a wonderful mirror for fast, easy access to your reflection. It doesn’t look as clear as an actual mirror but it does what it needs to and you can at least try to be a bit more discreet about checking yourself. If you use a screen protector for your phone anyway, why not go the extra mile and look at how hot you are as well 😉

(idk why my camera decided to focus on my hand over the phone, but I promise it’s a lot more clear in person. This will help you get the general idea of what it looks like, though. Also, yes, I can use it over a Lifeproof case. WIN!)

My only beef is the price. For $24.99 you only get one Glam Screen cover for your phone. I feel like if you got a couple of them, since it also doubles as a screen protector, it would circumvent the price a little bit. Note, if you’re using it for the iPhone 4 or 4s it’s $5.00 cheaper but if you’re using it with the iPhone 6+ it’s going to be $3.00 more. The colorful designer home buttons that are also pictured are only $4.99. Check out the FAQ to see if the Glam Screen is available for your device. If not you can vote to have it developed.

Will you be trying out the Glam Screen?