Coach Poppy Lipgloss Set Swatches & Review – BCA 2012

As October comes to a close I want to leave you with the cutest lip gloss set to ever benefit Breast Cancer Awareness – The Coach Poppy Lipgloss Set, which is exclusive to Ulta.

On the back of the packaging, it describes exactly where the donation is going and how much of the purchase will be applied as a donation. 20% of the SRP of the Coach Poppy Lipgloss Set will benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Since this set retails for $35.00, that means that $7.00 from each set sold gets donated.

This set contains 5 lip glosses in shades Pink, Ginger, Rose, Coral, and Shell. The applicator is doe foot and the glosses smell of candy (YUM!). None are super pigmented but you do get a dash of color on the lips from each one. It’s not a thick gloss or very sticky, so the wear time is just about an hour or two on me.

Glosses like this are what I like to keep in my makeup bag just in case I forget to throw in what I’m wearing that day. Kind of like a daily go-to in case of emergency gloss.

Currently this product isn’t available on the Ulta website, but I was able to pick mine up in store. It’s not with the makeup, but rather in the fragrance section with the Coach scents.

Handbag Haulage With COACH and MARC JACOBS

On Tuesday I went on a little excursion with my friend Falyn. Every once in awhile we like to meet up at the mall for lunch and a little shopping. And, lets face it, we had coupons to Coach that were burning huge holes in our pockets.

At Coach, being without the kids, was amazing. It was so nice to take the time to actually look around and try on the bags.

I ended up coming home with this bag, the Coach Madison Ocelot Op Art Marielle Drawsting in Brass/Brown. The choice was largely based off of that side pocket, which in the store I called “the fun little happy pocket”. I just thought it was neat and I’m always looking for places to stick my cell and keys so I’m not digging around a huge purse all of the time.

I’m a little on the fence with this bag. I LOVE the look of it, but I actually wanted the Coach Madison Ocelot Op Art Maggie Shoulder Bag in Brass Brown. I was told in store it only came in the silver/grey, but when I came home to look online I found it in the brass/brown…

DH says the bag doesn’t look like something I’d carry. He says the Maggie looks like something I’d carry. So, I’m unsure what to do. The bag I reallllllyyyy wanted was the Coach Flagship Leather Tote in Brass/Curry. Like.. I die for it. But it’s WAY out of my price range =( I also had my big heart set on was the Coach Madison Embossed Python Accordion Zip Wallet.

I was also lucky enough to find these flip flops, the Coach Kasey Flat, in my size, which NEVER happens lol So I picked them up too since they were on sale.

Another score was made in Nordstrom while I was waiting for Falyn to arrive. I found this Marc Jacobs bag buried underneath a bunch of Coach bags on the sale table. It was the bag I’d been lusting after all summer but couldn’t bring myself to buy on SALE. Black wasn’t the original color I wanted, it was some sort of cream shade, but black works more for me in the Fall/Winter months.

I love the pockets and the slouch of this bag. It fits a ton of items yet still stays a small and easy to carry. The whimsical interior is a fabulous touch to counter the black exterior.

Falyn and I also visited the various makeup counters and all that good stuff. I’ll be reviewing everything soon enough 😉 My makeup haul wasn’t as big since I majorly splurged on bags.

I know I normally post on beauty products, but purses are another BIG LOVE of mine, so from time to time ya gotta deal with that too 😉

Tag Post – What’s In My Purse?

Literally 15 minutes ago, as I was scrolling through my blog roll, I saw a fun post by Kayla Shevonne called What’s In Your Purse?

Kayla didn’t tag anyone in particular, just openly tagged all of her readers to show what is in their bag. I thought this sounded like a great idea, and something fun and easy to do while DH is outside washing the cars. Also, my purse REALLY needed cleaned out and organized, so this gave me the opportunity to do that as well.

Instructions: Dump out the contents of your purse, answer the questions, and tag 5 other bloggers to find out what’s in their purse.

I have a lot of purses, and lemmings for even MORE purses. Currently, the one I use the most is the most recent Coach bag that I picked up from the outlets. I have been using this one a lot lately because it’s big enough for everything I need, with a couple of interior pockets to keep things organized. It also has an extra strap so I can wear it cross body when I need my hands free to wrangle kids. The color also goes with everything.

Where did you get your purse, and how long have you had it?

I picked up my purse at the Coach Outlet in Grove City, PA. They’ve been having good sales lately and handing out extra 30% off coupons at the door… so I can’t resist! I’ve only had this one a few months.

What are 3 must-haves in your purse? (Not including keys and wallet)
Phone, Powder, Lip Gloss

What is something you should have in your purse right now, but don’t?
MONEY! But I spent it all. UGH. LOL

What is the thing you have the most of in your purse right now?

Here goes a pic of all of the crap in my purse. I’m keeping it real and showing you all of the garbage (gum wrappers and expired coupons) as well, because it WAS in my purse.

* Keys
* LG Octane Phone.. the only phone from Verizon with a keyboard that is NOT a smart phone. I don’t need that, I’m a stay at home mom… I’m annoyed there wasn’t more options, though, because this phone SUCKS.
* Little Yellow Notebook just in case 😉 and my court of common pleas pen that I took when I had jury duty a few months ago. I’m not sure that we were actually supposed to take those, come to think of it lol
* Gum Wrapper Garbage
* 2 BBW Antibac Pocketbac Gels. I’m surprised there wasn’t more than 2. I always have a ton of these because my kids love to go into play areas in malls. They love antibac tho, thank goodness.
* A Coach wallet purchased at the outlet that has always been too full to shut. I like the shape better than that of the long checkbook wallets. This one I have fits easier. Just wish it held all my crap better lol
* Expired coupons in da house! The Chick Fil A are still good I think lol
* My makeup bag is also Coach and also outlet purchased. Here is whats inside:

* Lipglosses L-R are Dior DiorAddict LipGlow, Sephora Gloss (no idea on the color, it was in a birthday set one year I think), NARS gloss with Dolce Vita and I think Striptease? IDK, it was a freebie with a order, a Burt’s Bees chapstick, LMdB Karla Sugar Sheer Brilliance Gloss, LMdB Kissable Koral Moisture Stain Lipstick, MAC Subculture lipliner (which is a HUGE HG for me and I always keep one in my makeup area and one in my bag).
* on the bottom I have my Lancome Dual Finish Powder and a bunch of odds and ends… bobby pins, little stick it things (my kids took them from my dads office and they never made it back lol), a mini nail file from the Sally Hansen Salon Effects set, a Dior cell phone charm that’s never been on my cell phone, and a little set by Mary Kay that has tweezers, brow comb and a brow color brush – all mini sized and perfect for on the go!

So, that is what is currently in my purse! I think I’ll do this one again in the Fall or Winter too and see how much it changes!

I’m going to do like Kayla did and break the rules and tag EVERYONE! Do this post and come back here and link me to it. I want to see whats in YOUR bag!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there who are mommies to kids, pets, what-have-you! It’s unlikely that I’ll be posting tomorrow, so I wanted to do a Mother’s Day shout out today!

I was extremely lucky this year and Coach had a shoe sale… I slyly emailed hubby the pair I’d been LUSTING after since they first appeared on the site. A girl can hope, right? He had the kids present me with them today!

Coach ALBA Python Heel

It’s so fun to have shoes that aren’t sneakers or comfy UGG types! I feel like I’m all growed up lol

Coach is still having their SHOE SALE! Check it out! Also, follow @Coach on Twitter for up to date announcements… you never know if more sales are in the future!

Now I just need to figure out where I can wear these 😉 Definitely out for my anniversary… hopefully some more occasions will pop up… =O

Ok, now time to tell me… what is the BEST gift (materialistically) you’ve ever received?

Coach: History of an Addict

I have a lot of obsessions. Makeup, nail polish, Uggs… but there’s nothing like a GOOD bag. They always say you NEED to have at least one good bag, and one good pair of shoes. I’m semi-extreme with that.

I love my purses. AUTHENTIC designer purses are my most expensive habit. (Seriously, let’s think about this. You go to a purse party (which, btw, are illegal) and spend $70 or more on your fake Coach bag. The red Coach bag you’ll see in this blog post was bought at the outlet for $92. So, do yourself a favor, be true, and go to the outlet for a real bag.

Each of my purses has a story. This isn’t lame, I swear!!

~ Pictured below is the first Coach bag I ever bought. I met my hubby in 2003 and we went on a cruise through the Carribean to ring in the New Year. I needed something easy to tote around on all of those fabulous islands!

This one is a classic and has always done me right. I use it still for when I go to amusement parks, carnivals, anything where I need to keep my purse and items close but still be hands free.

~ This next bag was purchased for me by the hubbs. I had been hinting that I needed it for my Christmas prezzie and this was the current Holiday Patchwork for that year. He got the LAST one at Macy’s and was trying to keep it a secret. He ended up blabbing a few days before Christmas when he was telling me a story about a co-worker lol My man never was good at lying or keeping secrets… which is a GOOD thing!

This one is in such good shape for it’s age. When I wear it into the Coach store the girls always say they can’t believe how good it looks.

~ Originally in the lights of the Coach store I thought this bag was a blackened plum color. I thought I was being forward running away from my usual browns, neutrals, and blacks. Turns out it was just the lighting and it’s brown. To this day it is my most carried Coach bag. It’s the perfect size and still fits over my shoulder.

~ I call this one my “mom” bag. I needed a big bag (and I took the safe route and chose black so I could carry it with pretty much anything) to throw my stuff in, as well as the kids stuff. Some days, you just don’t WANT to carry a diaper bag. It’s SO big though, that I need some sort of purse organizer in there so my stuffs aren’t getting lost. Maybe that can be the next Coach item … purse organizer!

~ This is my sister-in-laws favorite bag of mine. (and yes, that is a coordinating Coach scarf attached). I love it too, but it’s not as big as I would like. I like that I can pop my cell in the one outer pocket and my keys in the other and not have to search for them. I also liked that it was ALL leather and a beautiful shade of brown that I didn’t have yet lol

~ My favorite color is red. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a red bag. I couldn’t find one I liked that I could use all the time with anything and wasn’t cheap looking or garish. A woman put this bag down while at the outlets, and I snatched it up. My cousin was pissed lol I get MORE compliments on this bag than anything else I own.

If you know me, this was an EXTREMELY bold purchase for me, but my best one. $92 at the outlet! can’t beat it!

~ I have two wristlets. One is a black/white/gray snakeskin (that I can literally fit a TON of stuff inside. Seriously, it’s ridiculous.) that is my go-to wedding guest purse. The second is a tartan gem that I WOULD have bought a bigger size of, but this was the biggest they had by the time I got there. I use it constantly, whether it’s on my wrist, or in my diaper bag.

~ There is also another black bag that you can see up there in the main photo (to the right) for some reason I didn’t individually photograph it. That’s my adult bag for when I have adult things going on lol not in the dirty sense, but when I need something classy and ready to use.

So, that’s my Coach collection! I didn’t photograph my makeup bags, sunglasses, scarves, hats, wallets, keychains, checkbook covers…. you get the idea. That’s just out of hand 😉

And, for kicks, my mini Louis Vuitton collection. DH bought me the monogram, I bought myself the one on the right. It was some LE thing and the salesgirl at Saks saw me coming a mile away. This is why I’m not allowed to use credit cards lol

What is your favorite bag? Who is the designer? Now’s the time to brag up your “baby”!!