A little bit of cleaning, turns into a Jon & Kate rant lol

My cousin Jenna Lynn is coming today! She’s never met the baby so we’re super excited to have her here.

I have been cleaning like CRAZY. It made me think about something. WHY, when someone hasn’t been to our house before, do we clean like maniacs? Corners and ledges get cleaned that haven’t been touched in I don’t know how long. But when someone comes who is here all the time, such as parents or siblings… cleaning get’s totally half assed?

It is SO hard to clean when you have kids. With my kids, they are gated into the living room. I usually clean that the night before and the rest of the house the next day. I also keep a schedule for light cleaning throughout the week so it never gets out of hand.

I see OCD types like Kate Gosselin who make it look so easy to go go go! I do feel bad for her. In the beginning you can tell how much in love she and her hubby are. It’s understandable why she chose reality life. They got lots of $$… lots of freebies… she’s able to give EIGHT kids everything they want. But was it worth the destruction of her marriage? You can tell Jon was over it after the first season. When it’s the choice between keeping your family whole and money, family should win EVERY time. So what if you can’t keep the big, beautiful home or go on 20 trips a year. Take a break and enjoy your loved ones. I hope that they can work it out. I loved their family dynamic in the beginning. Watching it now is just sort of like watching a train wreck….