Makeup Wars – My 2014 Holiday Wish List

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Just like last year the Makeup Wars Bloggers are putting their biggest wants and desires out there on the interwebs in the hopes that someone we love is peeking and wants to surprise us with some goodies (my mom loves these, so you have to as well)! Last year I kept it mostly beauty centered with a few other must-haves tossed in. I figured this year it would be good to do the same. Who doesn’t love to look at a handbag or two before they get into the lipsticks and liners 😉

Bath & Body Works (pricing varies, Bath & Body Works). All the things Holiday. I’m not kidding you guys. Ever since I worked there (that was 10 years ago!) I’ve needed all of the Holiday items. I still freak out over Winter Candy Apple like it’s new. When the 3-wick candles go 2 for $22 (which they are right now) I’m there buying at least six of them to add to my room full of unused candles. Clearly, these are not things I need… but candles and Holiday decor. Yes. You guys know I have a hard time using bubble baths and lotions and things because of the fragrance but I still grab some Winter Candy Apple every year and use it once a week, sparingly. Mostly I’m in love with the home decor type stuff like candle holders and wallflowers… ugh… I’d talk your ear off.

3.1 Philip Lim Pashli Medium Satchel ($895, Shopbop). This is a bag I’ve been looking at a lot. I’ve never really fallen in love with a color until now and that color is Feather (though it’s available in many other shades). I almost bit the bullet during their last sale but 3.1 Philip Lim was excluded so I chickened out. If this doesn’t end up under the tree for me I’m looking to hoard Christmas money for a big purchase after the holidays.

Drybar Big Hair Don’t Care Holiday Kit ($199, Sephora). Do I need a new hair dryer? No. Do I need more brushes or hair product? No. That doesn’t change the fact that I wants it. I almost pulled the trigger during the VIB sale but then I couldn’t do it… because I really don’t need it. However… if someone were to put it under the tree for me… I’d be over the moon!

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish($50, Sephora). I just may be the last person on earth that needs another red nail polish, but you know me… the packaging gets me every time and this one is so iconic!

Sephora Favorites Glitz & Glam Party Essentials Sampler ($45, Sephora). When I was shopping the other day I saw this set and it’s just such a perfect mix of product and I adore the pouch!

Be sure to check out my post on Top 10 Beauty Gift Sets for Holiday for more wish list ideas. What’s on your list this year? Also, have you been naughty or nice? I hear you get more if you’re naughty… 😉

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