March 2015 Candy Club Review + Photos

Lately I’ve been seeing some of my favorite bloggers review a monthly service called Candy Club. I said to myself.. “I love candy… candy can be used to bribe my children.. let’s do this!” I placed the order and within the week a selection of goodies from around the globe was delivered to my door!

What is Candy Club? Candy Club is for people who love to have premium candy delivered right to their door. Every month a selection of 2-3lbs of hand-picked candy and treats will be delivered to you for $27.99 a month. Save more money by signing up for a larger plan. This is surely the most perfectly indulgent monthly service ever created! *At this time there is no referral program in place.

What did I get this month?

Gimbal’s® Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans. I am not a fan of jelly beans at all. When I saw this was in my box I was immediately disappointed, however I’m adventurous so I tried them. They’re really not that bad and I believe that to be high praise coming from someone who loathes jelly beans. I think it’s the very slight sourness to them that makes them work for me. My kids are obsessed!

Sour Power® Wild Cherry Belts. These are SO GOOD. A lot of flavor and you’ve probably never tasted anything more sour in your life. I can only eat one a day. I want more, but my stomach is like “nope.. can’t handle it, girl”. I’m okay with that… it’s all about control!

Haribo® Gummi Techno Bears. Gummy Bears are the best things on earth. This house is known for having a 6lb bag of them from Sam’s Club around at all times (which, thankfully, lasts awhile). These are a little different in that the colors are muted, yet shiny and super fruity. They’re a bit more firm than I’m used to for a gummy bear which actually works in my favor because I end up eating less of them lol

In addition to those treats there was also a special bonus this month of Butterfields® Peach Buds which are a hard candy with a burst of peach flavor. If you have ever tried those peach candy rings they taste just like that but in hard candy form so the flavor lasts that much longer and is that much more intense. I has the love.

This months “splash” (which is wrapped candy strewn around your months shipment) was my favorite part – Sweets® Salt Water Taffy in Cotton Candy. So incredibly delicious and not overly sticky at all. I was a bad parent and hid these from the kids because MINE. If you’ve tried this taffy, then you get me.

Are you going to pick up a Candy Club subscription?You can sign up here. I really think it’s worth checking out at least for one month. On your first order there’s a coupon that applies for $10 off so technically you’ll only be paying $17.99 for your first order. This service is also “satisfaction guaranteed or your money back”! I’m excited to get the shipment for April.. I’m seriously hoping the Cotton Candy Taffy happens every month <— not kidding.