Blogging Tips: How to Cut Your Photo Editing Time in Half + GIVEAWAY!

When I started my blog back in 2009 (!!!!!!!) I didn’t expect it to become a source of income. In fact, I wasn’t even blogging consistently until 2011 and things didn’t really take off for me until 2012 when I competed in the first ever Allure Magazine Beauty Blogger of the Year competition and was named the Most Buzzworthy Blogger. Since then things have been busy and I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to make my blogging life easier.

A huge bulk of my time as a blogger goes into editing photos. Right now I use a Canon t5i DSLR for photography and video. I think I’ve had it for a year and I’m still learning what it can do. Even when I learn new things I’m still having to edit my photos for the better part of a day. For the last few years I’ve been playing around with my lighting setup – adding lights, trying new bulbs, buying extremely awkward and bulky devices that end up being more of a PITA than a help… A lot of bloggers sing the praises of OttLite lamps. I’ve seen them around, but I’ve spent SO MUCH on lighting I haven’t bought one because if I walk through the door with another piece of blogging equipment that doesn’t work well for me my hubs isn’t going to be pleased. When this campaign came up for OttLite to say I dove through my computer to apply would be putting it mildly.

I decided on the OttLite LED 2-in-1 LED Magnifier Floor and Table Lamp because I wanted a floor model to save on desk space, but if it didn’t work out as a floor model I could still use it as a desk model and replace one of my cheaper/less efficient lamps.

OttLite was developed by the “father of time-lapse photography” Dr. John Ott. The idea of OttLite is to be able to photograph things to see the colors more clearly and accurately while at the same time reducing glare and eyestrain. Colors are a major part of my editing when it comes to beauty. I can take 100 pictures of a lipstick but if the color is off I have to adjust camera settings, move my lighting around… change my shirt… and redo EVERYTHING.

Below is my setup with my original lighting situation. As you can see there are multiple sources of lighting. Six if you count the overhead light on the ceiling. And still I’d need to take this photo, crop it and adjust things to take the yellow-ish tone out of it. I’d also likely change my shirt, which was green at the time this photo was taken, to something white or black. It’s also got shadowing that would annoy me.

Below is a side-by-side product photo comparison. The photos are unedited by me other than to make them a collage and size (I use Picmonkey). On the left is the photo taken with my original lighting setup. You can see the glare from the lighting (which is coming more from the side lamps than the overhead). On the right is the picture taken with just the one overhead light and that clip light to the right along with the OttLite. It’s a bit darker than what I’d like but it’s in need of less color correcting, which is what takes the bulk of the time. Plus, that glare… usually I’m juggling a camera and some makeshift light diffuser to hide that. When I use the OttLite I don’t have to do that!

This OttLite has taken the place of TWO other daylight lamps and does things for me that neither of the other lights can do. Because I use it as the floor model it is bendable all around my photography area at any angle – most importantly this helps me in photographing nail polishes and other product swatches. The lighting is less focused on one area and more circular which covers a larger area and much more evenly, which allows for little-to-no shadowing in some parts which means less editing time for me. (Which makes me SO HAPPY).

Now that I know OttLite works well and am 100% that it suits my needs I want to invest in a second floor model for the back right corner and get rid of another desk lamp or two. They always say in life you get what you pay for and they’re ALWAYS RIGHT.

Below is the current setup. As you can see there is glare to the right where I have no OttLite. When I purchase the second one that will be eliminated thus making blogging life even MORE easy. PS it was so nice not having to edit photos for this post LMAO!

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SO. How about a coupon and a giveaway?

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There are 2 mandatory entries for this giveaway. (1) In the comments, tell me what you’d love to photograph while using the OttLite (2) follow Blushing Noir on Bloglovin’. After you complete those two entries more entry options will appear. Those are optional, but will obviously increase your chances of winning.

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