Arbor Mist Launches New Frozen Wine Cocktails!

Recently I was accepted into an awesome blogger program from SheSpeaks and was asked to sample a new product from Arbor Mist – the Frozen Wine Cocktails. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a few sneak peek photos of the taste test 😉

Arbor Mist has always been a wine that is flavorful and smooth. Now, they’ve made it possible to combine the taste you love in a new way. As a slushie. Not kidding. And, if it’s possible, it tastes even MORE flavorful. Simply place the pack in your freezer for around 5 hours, massage the pack to break up the slush, and squeeze into your glass. YUM. This is such a fun and simple way to cool off and have a great tasting drink. Also, more importantly, no blender required which equals no clean up required which equals me being even more super happy.

Currently, the three flavors are Blackberry Merlot, Strawberry White Zinfandel, and White Pear Pinot Grigio. Normally I’m a fan of the Strawberry White Zinfandel… but WOW that White Pear Pinot Grigio is amazing.

I did a little investigating locally, and found they come in packs of four for $7.99. Each pack is considered one serving, but you get A LOT so you can split it.

***I received samples of Arbor Mist Frozen Wine Cocktails as part of a program for SheSpeaks. No compensation was received. Please note, you need to be 21+ to enjoy these beverages. For more information please check out @shespeaksup & @enjoyarbormist on Twitter.