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Cleaning makeup brushes is the bane of my existence. It's seriously awful and buying more brushes instead of cleaning the ones you have doesn't make it any easier. It just makes it so you have more brushes to clean. Up until a week ago I had a box of dirty makeup brushes until I ran out completely. Luckily that same week the Sigma Spa® Express Brush Cleaning Mat($25.00 // Sigma Beauty) arrived.

Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat review

Why do you need a mat to wash your makeup brushes? This particular mat has seven different textures for cleaning your different eye and face brushes. The textures will get in between the bristles a lot better than you can if you're just working the brush cleanser into the brush with your fingers (which is what I used to do). It's also a lot more gentle than rubbing so your brushes won't take as much abuse.

The back side has suction cups so it won't move around as you use it and it's sized for most sinks (as it's over 30% smaller than the larger cleaning mat). Once the mat is secured wet your brushes and then add a bit of water and your brush cleanser of choice to the mat. Swirl the brush around on the "wash" texture to deep clean. To rinse place the brush under running water and move it back and forth on the "rinse" texture to remove the residue. If you need a deeper cleaning you can then go over to the "refine" texture and swish the brush around again. Rinse again a final time. If you need an even deeper clean repeat the process one more time.

I usually use a Flat Top Kabuki (such as the Sigma F80) for my liquid and powder face makeup. I have a few of them because the liquid foundation in particular would really pack in there and almost seal to the fibers of the brush. No matter what I did or how I cleaned it they never looked truly new. This mat has not only helped make the brushes look good again it's a lot faster. Since it's faster I'm inclined to wash my brushes more frequently, meaning I'll spend less money on being a lazy girl and just buying new.

This mat is shown in this post with the Sigma 3DHD™ - Kabuki Brush($24.00 // Sigma Beauty) in Copper/White... and can all my brushes just be copper/white?! The combo is so chic and gorgeous! I love that the brush is tapered to a point yet still has flat parts. It's perfect for getting into every single area of your face whether it's rounded, creased, angled... every where. This brush is perfect for getting at the sides of your nose and for contouring!

Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat Review Photos

Three other versions are available for your makeup brush cleaning needs - a Sigma Spa® Brush Cleaning Mat ($32.00 // Sigma Beauty) which is the larger version of the Spa® Express shown here, and the Sigma Spa® Express Brush Cleaning Glove($25.00 // Sigma Beauty) which fits on your hand for quick and thorough brush cleaning. It also provides 7 textures for your different brushes and is travel-friendly.

If you're really serious about your brush cleaning then you'd likely want the third option which is the Sigma 2X Sigma Spa® Brush Cleaning Glove($39.00 // Sigma Beauty). This is the bigger version of the Spa® Express Brush Cleaning Glove and includes a thumb on each side to easily transition from one hand to the other. This glove has 8 textures, two of which are new.

Have you tried out any of the Sigma Beauty Makeup Brush cleaning tools? How do you clean your brushes?

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