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The brand Vincent Longo goes back to the 90's. 1995 to be exact and maybe even before you were born?! At the risk of sounding ancient I was a sophomore in high school in 1995 and too young to really know about beauty brands that weren't drugstore or counter ready (hey, we didn't have YouTube. It was considered impressive if you had an email address back then).

I'd have been a lucky girl to know about them way back when. They have some fantastic products as well as some interesting tools/gadgets for brows and eyes. I got the opportunity to test a few out below, so keep scrolling for pretty words and pictures ;)

Vincent Longo Brow Products Review
  • Volume Plus Mascara ($20.00). This mascara is pretty good. It definitely gives lift and a bit of volume. I'm so used to ridiculous sized lashes that this is a great option to have a more toned down but still big lash day.
  • Eyebrow Micro Pencil ($20.00). The shade used in this post is Blonde. Right off, I'm actually panicking that I don't currently have any backups of this. What I love most about this pencil is that it's not waxy at all. Sometimes the pencils with wax leave too much residue behind making for weirdness. Oh, and don't worry about not having anything to sharpen this skinny guy with, the appropriate sized sharpener is included!
  • Mini Eyelash Curler. So, this is kind of cool looking. I've really only ever noticed full size lash curlers laying around, but this is a mini size - perfect for getting into the corners to add some extra curl.
  • Bi-Brow Powder and Pomade ($22.00). The shade used in this post is Blonde. At first I thought the pomade side would be waxy, but it's slick and pliable. Very easy to use. The duo is much better than I anticipated at first glance and easy to work with.
  • Brow/Lash Comb #10 ($10.00). I wasn't too crazy about this. The bristle side was okay for brows (I prefer a spooly) but the comb side didn't do much for my lashes.
  • Liner/Eyebrow Brush #12 ($18.00). Normally I'm not a fan of a flat top brush for things like lining eyes and brows (I go for angled), but this one is just firm enough and it's easy to make precise marks and shading.

What have you tried or are you wanting to try from Vincent Longo? I'm totally going to need backups of that Eyebrow Micro Pencil and I want to try out the gel liners and cheek products next!

Vincent Longo Eyes & Brows Swatches Review
Vincent Longo Brow products swatches

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