Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone & Minor Sin Primer Potion Swatches + Review

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Two of my must-have products from Urban Decay just got upgrades! The cult fave Urban Decay Primer Potion (shown in shade Minor Sin) has new, luxe packaging and one of my favorite lip pencils is now a Multipurpose Primer Pencil to aid you in looking just as awesome the morning after as you did the night before! And, really, isn't that what we all want?

Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone Primer Pencil
Urban Decay Minor Sin Primer Potion

Ultimate Ozone The Multipurpose Primer Pencil ($16.00 // Sephora). I am just obsessed with Ozone. I use the lip pencil religiously to keep my deep lip shades in check (review // buy it). You know I love me some reds and this is what I line the outer part of my lips with to prevent the feathering and bleeding that is so common with a darker lip color. The Multipurpose Primer Pencil is a little different in that it's obviously bigger but it also corrects mistakes, fills in lines, nourishes... easy to keep in your clutch to be your "morning after" savior!

Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone Pencil Swatches

Minor Sin Eyeshadow Primer Potion($20.00 // Sephora). Minor Sin is the champagne shimmer sister to the original Primer Potion. It's a sheer frost, which is perfect because momma does not do well with heavy frost in cream form. As with the original this one holds my shadows all day long, looking fabulous and the slight tint of color really gives my eye look a nice pop of life. Loving the updated packaging, too! It's different from the squeeze tube that I have here and have been using because it's got a wand with a slanted doe-foot applicator attached to that beautiful crystal-esque cap. I don't apply the product with the applicator because I find that I get too much product on my lids that way. I dab a bit on my finger and apply the product that way. I hope that this wand will be easy to dig in there to get all of the product out, even way at the bottom. Time will tell on that feature!

Urban Decay Minor Sin Primer Potion review
Urban Decay Minor Sin primer Potion swatches

There is also an original version of the Primer Potion ($12.00-20.00 // Sephora) and I tend to always re-purchase a version of that one of the Anti-Aging variety ($13.00-24.00 // Sephora) to do what I can to keep signs of aging for away as long as possible. Also, let's not forget about Eden ($20.00 // Sephora) which is a nude matte shade, for those of us that maybe just don't want shimmer, but don't want sheer either. ALL in the new packaging with the doe-foot applicator.

Which version of the Urban Decay Primer Potion is your favorite?

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