Things I Repurchase at the Drugstore

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On my last vacation I got the opportunity to take a hard look at things that I've been using lately from the drugstore. As I packed I realized this is the same stuff I always revert to when I need to buy something to replenish what I've used. The items photographed here were all received as press samples, however I've purchased them myself in the past - some for years.

Beauty Products to buy at the drugstore

Aveeno. Did you know Aveeno was the first skincare brand from the drugstore that didn't make my skin freak out when I touched it? This goes all the way back to when beauty blogs weren't even a thing and most people didn't even review their drugstore product purchases online. Before I knew about any other products that would work for me (drugstore and beyond) Aveeno made it possible for me to use body wash and have a bubble bath. There isn't one thing in their line that my skin can't handle and I love 'em for it! Some of my faves are pictured below, but seriously buy all the things.

Aveeno skincare

Neutrogena Naturals Makeup Removing Towelettes($6.99 // Target) are a step up from the regular Neutrogena Makeup Removing Towelettes I've use in the past. What I love about these is that they remove all of my makeup on light days and don't leave behind any kind of residue. On heavy makeup days I begin with these before I use my cleanser.

Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid($7.99 // Target) is new to me this year. 9 times out of 10 I've bought a Secret Deodorant in the past but this particular one caught my eye because of the words "stress response". I stress and would like a response in my pits, please. I've been loving this one over the Summer because I don't end up with any underarm staining and it keeps odors in check.

Dove Beauty Bar ($5.19 for 4 // Target). Usually when I use a soap over a body wash I have to use Safeguard, which is an anti-bacterial soap, so my skin doesn't get angry. Dove Beauty Bar is another one that I can reach for to feel extra moisturized while keeping my skin on the happy side.

Neutrogena Suave Dove

London SOHO Products. I say products in general because I buy as many as possible when they hit Walgreens. I went especially ham on the Frozen display. Beauty and the Beast is another of my favorite Disney movies and they hit the mark when creating the line. I'm in love with this SOHO Disney Belle Wristlet (which my daughter promptly stole) and Belle Enchanted Eyes Brush Set($12.99 // Walgreens). Another good buy is the set of SOHO Disney Aurora Fairy Sponges ($12.99 // Walgreens). You get three of them and while they're not quite as fabulous as the original beautyblender they do get the job done and the finished result is lovely.

Beauty & the Beast London SOHO Walgreens
Walgreens Beauty and the Beast
Beauty & the Beast SOHO makeup bag

Gillette Venus SwirlRazor ($9.99 // Target). Before I started to wax (recently) and still on the places that don't get waxed my razor of choice is the Gillette Venus Swirl. It gets all the hairs without the cuts and irritation. One of the best I've come across in the drugstores.

göt2b guardian angel gloss finish ($4.29 // Target). On the never-ending hunt for a protectant for your hair to use before you flat iron? End it now because the guardian angel is a love. It keeps hair looking sleek, healthy and even helps with the frizz.

Band-Aid® Heal Blister Bandages ($3.69 // Target). In a moment of pure genius (those can be few and far between when you have kids - but that's a story for another time) I brought the Band-Aids. A lot of Band-Aids. And not the ones that my son needed when he slid into second =\ These ones saved the moms from blisters while walking from field to field for these all day baseball tournaments we've had all month long.

Venus got2b bandaid

What's your must have non-makeup drugstore product?

*Items featured were received as press samples. This post also contains affiliate links.