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For the most part, men can be pretty low maintenance. This makes it hard to shop for them because they never actually sit there and say "OMG I need this". They basically have their standard, favorite toiletries, their best worn in jeans and only lust for high-end gadgetry that's way out of your price range. Maybe your love (or like?) is a new one and you're not quite sure what your guy would be into.

This Valentine's Day,GlossyBox is fixing all your woes and providing you with a Men's GlossyBox! It's full of amazing necessities for your guy, some of which you're probably going to want to steal for yourself!

Inside you'll find two full-size items from Redken for Men - Clean Brew Extra Cleansing Shampoo and Firm Grasp Texturizing Hair Clay, Sisley Sisleyum, Zirh Prepare Pre-Shave Oil with Botanicals, a generous deluxe sample of Bvlgari Man Extreme EDT and a sample of Nuxe Men Multi-Purpose Eye Cream.

The Men's GLOSSYBOX contents review
The Men's GLOSSYBOX contents

The Men's GlossyBox retails for $40.00 and you can pick it up on the website!

The Men's GLOSSYBOX Photos Review