Pür Minerals Double Ego Dual Ended Eye Liner Swatches + Review

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When I first started working with Pür Minerals their eye liners were on sale and on the way out to make way for a brand new formula and product - the Double Ego Dual Ended Eye Liner ($21.00 // ULTA Beauty). Eight shades are available and I have six of them to share with you today in Madagascar(khaki), Bali(emerald), Queensland(teal), Bora Bora(blue), Rio de Janeiro (purple) and Swiss Alps(taupe).

PUR Minerals Double Ego Dual Ended Eye Liner

I was intrigued when I first saw the info and pics of the product. One side has a pencil tip while the other side is a liquid liner. So in one product you can get a dry liner look that you can line with and smudge out on one side and a liquid liner to add drama or intensity.

PUR Minerals Double Ego Dual Ended Eye Liner review

Formula wise the pencil side was a little dry for what I prefer. I had to be a tad more aggressive than usual when I applied to get the color to adhere but I was pleased that once I got it on it didn't budge all day. The liquid side was pigmented, easy and smooth. Working with the slim, tapered applicator was a breeze and the color lasted so well that even after I removed my makeup for the evening a slight stain was left over in the outer area where my cat eye wing was (but it was nothing another pass of makeup remover couldn't handle).

PUR Minerals Double Ego Dual Ended Eye Liner Swatches Review 2

It's a well known beauty hack that when you use a pencil liner it makes it easier to achieve a more flawless look with a liquid liner. It's a fantastic way for a beginner to practice a cat eye and get themselves pro with a new formula. Even though I frequently do liquid liner I still like to apply a pencil liner to make sure the liquid line will be on point when I don't have time to mess around. Not having to dig around in my drawer for a coordinating set saves time and definitely saves money.

PUR Minerals Double Ego Dual Ended Eye Liner Swatches Review

The swatches below are done on bare skin (dry, no primer):

PUR Minerals Double Ego Dual Ended Eye Liner Swatches

If you check out the swatches the liquid liner side of Bali and Queensland are extremely similar. When I was swatching I had to double check myself because the colors are almost exact dupes. The pencil sides are very different so when you layer you'll achieve a different look.

What do you think of the new liners from Pür Minerals? Queensland and Milan are the two I don't have, they appear to be your basic black and brown shades. I will definitely be picking them up the next time I'm out at the store! Yes, even the black liner that I probably already have 5 million of.

Pür Minerals can be purchased at ULTA Beauty, Kohl’s and purminerals.com.

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