Murad Clarifying Body Skincare Review

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It's officially Fall but that doesn't mean you don't need to worry about breakouts on your skin. The Murad Clarifying line is one of my favorites for my face but I bet you didn't know they carry products within that line that will benefit your entire body!

Murad Clarifying Body Review

Here are a few must haves to keep handy for maintaining acne free skin from head-to-toe:

Clarifying Wipes ($18.00 // Sephora). These are my favorites for the face when I'm feeling lazy or just need a refresh. They also work fabulous for the bod!

Acne Body Wash($40.00 // Sephora). Whether you're currently experiencing a body breakout or just trying to stave one off this body wash will help!! "Glycolic and Salicylic Acids work together to penetrate and deeply clean your pores to help eliminate breakouts and soothe irritated skin." I haven't had issue with any sort of body acne (thankfully, let's knock on all the wood) but my husband uses this and says that it started to clear things up within a week and he hasn't seen anything new crop up since!

Clarifying Body Spray($40.00 // Sephora). This is a 360° acne treatment spray that makes it easy to get the solution on even the most hard to reach places (like your back!). Use this to get at body blemishes in between showers to maximize treatment.

Using clarifying body products helps get your skin in check for when next Summer rolls around. You have only 9 months to get yourself in order.

What products do you use for acne?

Murad products can be purchased at Sephora, ULTA Beauty and

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