Mother's Day Flawless with PIXI Beauty!

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Today, the day before Mother's Day, we need to talk about stepping back. On Mother's Day I take it upon myself to have a lazy day. A lot of mom's maybe like to pamper themselves more... maybe take the time to curl their hair... paint their nails (or even better - have it done for you). I make sure that before Mother's Day everything is done. House is clean, food is ready (because I have to pamper my momma, too!) and everything is set so that on the morning of Mother's Day I can sleep in a bit. Sip my coffee. Not worry about what needs done, what's due or who needs fed. When it's time to get dressed I throw on something comfy and apply the most minimal of makeup.

Pixi Beauty complexion products

On the vanity for this year are some PIXI products that are perfect for hiding all the things, but that are light enough and easy to use so that I don't feel like it's a task to apply - H2O Skintint (applied with the Full Cover Foundation Brush) and the Undercover Crayon.

Pixi Beauty Undercover Crayon Swatches

H2O Skintint ($24.00 // Target). This is a water-based foundation, but don't run... this is one to embrace. When applied this foundation feels light but covers well, evening out my skin discolorations and drying to a semi-matte finish. A little goes a long way and the coverage is buildable. In the swatch the Nude shade looks a little dark, but when blended all over the skin it matches perfectly. This is available in three shades - Cream, Nude (shown) and Warm.

Full Cover Foundation Brush ($15.00 // Target). Streak marks, I have no time for you. Not on this day, not on any day. This brush is affordable and applied the H2O Skintint like it was born to do only that. Basically, like a dream. The brush is dense but easy to maneuver around the face to apply foundation with minimal effort. You can also use it for powders and concealer.

Undercover Crayon ($14.00 // Target). This crayon is a full-coverage pencil to hide the marks and darkness on my face that acne and lack of sleep have "blessed" me with. Before applying my foundation I dab this onto the area that needs covered and blend lightly with my finger. I especially like to use Perk-Up Peach to hide the redness around my nose and for blemishes. This is available in four shades - Perk-Up Peach (shown), Cream, Nude and Warm.

PIXI H2O Skintint Swatches

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