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Of all of the exquisite beauty products that Make Up For Ever has out there, you may have often wondered why there is no line of brushes. Well, perfection is a process. A five year process, if you want to get technical.

Why so long? Creator & Artistic Director Dany Sanz tested a variety of synthetic fibers that mimic the silky softness of natural hair and also consulted with brush manufacturer Raphael on the island of Mauritius to create specialized brushes that require unparalleled craftsmanship. In short, the construction of each brush involved 25 unique stages and was hand-crafted by a total of 30 people from start to finish.

Released this Fall is a line of seventy-six (76) cutting-edge brushes - the most expansive luxury brush collection that is currently available. Brushes are an artist's most vital tool, and Dany Sanz has made sure that these brushes will meet the needs of professional makeup artists as well as the every day consumer.

The brushes are categorized into four areas - 100s for complexion, 200s for eyes, 300s for lips and 400s for artistic (specially designed for professionals). The range is broken down further depending on textures or product type, such as wavy or straight fibers, depending on the required use. Straight fibers allow for more generous and precise application, while wavy bristles are more splayed, which provide a lighter and freer application. I have 10 of them to show you today, with many more on my wishlist!


102 Small Foundation Kabuki ($36.00). This is a small, dense, tapered round kabuki brush has straight fibers for precise application of foundation around the eyes, nose and lips, providing moderate coverage. Recommended textures are cream and liquid foundations.

146 Flat Blush Brush ($37.00). A medium, slightly fanned, flat-tipped brush featuring straight and wavy fibers. This brush is designed for multi-purpose use and precise application of powders with buildable product payoff. Recommended textures are loose and compact powders. 148 Blending Blush Brush ($55.00). This brush features both straight and wavy fibers and is perfect for providing a light finish. It works for shading, coloring and highlighting and is extremely soft. Recommended textures are creams, gels, compact, pearly and iridescent powders.


160 Blush Brush ($44.00). This long brush features both straight and wavy fibers and a tapered tip for applying and blended blush easily. Recommended textures are loose and compact powders.


204 Double-ended Shader & Smudger Brush ($25.00). This dual-ended brush features straight fibers with a shading brush on one end and a smudge sponge on the other. Recommended textures are creams, pencils, liquids and compact powders.


222 Sponge Applicator ($13.00). This features a dense, rounded sponge used for even application of challenging products (such as pigments and pearly textures) reducing fall-out. This applicator is refillable. Six refills retail for $9.00.


228 Medium Precision Shader ($25.00). This is a basic dense, round brush to apply, blend, and smudge all types of product. The straight fibers are flexible, allowing a quick even and intense result. You can also use this for the eyebrow arch. Recommended textures are creams, loose and compact powders.


270 Angled Eyebrow Brush ($21.00). This is a short, firm, angled brush with straight fibers. It is used to fill in the eyebrows precisely and blend for a natural finish. Recommended textures are creams, pencils and compact powders.


300 Lip Brush ($21.00). This is a flat, square-shaped brush with straight fibers. The geometric head lines the lips with precision and the flat side is perfect for filling in. The brushes flexibility makes it easy to blend lip pencils, define and modify shape. Recommended textures are lipsticks and glosses.


402 Artistic Fan Brush ($20.00). This is a divided fan brush with eight sections. The straight fibers are used to create multi-line effects. The recommended textures are creams and liquids.


Another interesting aspect of these brushes? The other side of the beech wood handle has a beveled end to allow for easier product retrieval and can be used to help with faux lash application.


Have any of the Make Up For Ever Artisan Brushes made it on to your holiday wish list?

Select brushes are now available at Sephora. All brushes are available at and MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutiques.