MAC Spiked Big Brow Pencil Swatches + Review

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The trend of having full eyebrows doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon and brands are pumping out products to help us achieve this trend as quickly and as easily as possible. Not too long ago the MAC Brows Are It Collection released with several items to get your brows on point. No matter what your favorite brow product is this collection will have an option for you. Pencils, gels, powders... if it's a product that's a common brow need, it's there. One of the items that has piqued my interest is the MAC Big Brow Pencil($21.00 // Nordstrom).

MAC Spiked Big Brow Pencil

Why am I so interested in the MAC Big Brow Pencil? Because it's like a chubby stick but for brows. I'm all about trying to get my brows on quickly while still looking good and I'll try all the new things until I reach brow peace. Which may never happen because, really, are we ever at brow peace? This pencil is available in five shades - Coquette, Cork, Fling, Spiked and Lingering. I received Spiked, described as a rich brunette, for testing purposes.

MAC Spiked Big Brow Pencil review photos swatches

While Spiked isn't a perfect match for me shade wise I do have many things I like about it as well as one thing that might put you off. The formula is incredibly smooth, creamy and pigmented. I applied brows my in record time and it was easy to get the shape I desired. Worried about that tip eventually dulling down and the pencil no longer being precise? Pull off the opposite end and you'll find a sharpener which will keep the pencil as precise as you need it to be, every time. For quick and painless application, this pencil is a winner.

The biggest downside to this pencil, for me, is that it didn't stay on my brows. It's cold here, so I can't tell you if it would melt off, but even after I let it set for awhile I could still wipe it off. I accidentally touched my brow area and my hand had some product on it, which had me running for a mirror. Luckily I was home, but my brows rubbing off isn't something I want to worry about while I'm out. On the MAC website this pencil is touted as being long-wearing. I'm oily, so maybe it adheres better to those with dry skin, but IMO it's not long-wearing if you brush at your brow with something and the product comes off.

MAC Spiked Big Brown Pencil swatches

Would you use a thick pencil to put your brows on?

The MAC Brows Are It Collection is available now at Nordstrom, Macy’s and

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