MAC Good Luck Trolls Makeup Collection Swatches + Review

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Cue the nostalgia! Millions of troll dolls adorned my bedroom (in my youth, I swear!) and now I can look just like them! But in a wearable way, if I so choose. ;) With the impending movie release of Trolls (Justin Timberlake whaaaaa) comes the MAC Good Luck Trolls makeup collab in which there are bright colors and bold hues fit to match any and all shades of Troll hair (which you can also achieve with products in this collection) .... and also their bejeweled belly buttons (sold separately).

MAC Good Luck Trolls Makeup Collection packaging review photos swatches

The packaging is one of my favorites to date and maybe one of the most fun I've ever seen from MAC. Neon pink, orange, purple... teal glitter caps... I mean if you're not into color and you didn't/don't love trolls you'll probably hate it, but to my 80's loving heart the packaging wins major awards. If the packaging doesn't get you... the names surely will...

MAC Good Luck Trolls Swatches Review photos swatches pics

Beauty Powder($27.00 // Nordstrom). Two Beauty Powders are available in this collection in Play It Proper(pastel soft pink) and Glow Rida(iridescent powder matched in Beauty Powder, beige).

Glow Rida is the shade shown below and while I don't see much of an iridescence to it in person it does show off as a beautiful, pearled beige. The highlight it provides is subtle and I love wearing it at the top of my cheeks and also on my eyes. The Troll imprint doesn't seem to go the entire way through the powder but it doesn't immediately disappear either.

MAC Good Luck Trolls Glow Rida Beauty Powder swatches review swatch pics

Eyeshadow($17.00 // Nordstrom). Five Eyeshadow shades are available in this collection - three of them are available in the permanent collection (in regular packaging): Paradisco(bright pinky-coral with pearl, frost), Black Tied(black with silver sparkle, velvet) and Atlantic Blue (cobalt blue, matte). The two shades shown below are new releases and also have the best names - Silly Vanilly(white with very fine silver glitter, satin) and Suns Out Buns Out(mustard yellow with pearl, veluxe pearl).

Silly Vanilly having the fine glitter was news to me until I read the description but that doesn't change the fact that this eyeshadow is nicely pigmented and smooth. When I first saw it I thought it'd wear and apply chalky, but it doesn't at all. Suns Out Buns Out, being a veluxe pearl formula, is wonderfully pigmented and easy to apply/blend. Like with the Beauty Powder the Troll imprint doesn't appear to go the whole way through but doesn't disappear right away. There is also enough space to work your brush around it so you don't mess it up.

MAC Good Luck Trolls Eyeshadow Swatches Review swatch pics suns out buns out silly vanilly

Lipglass($16.00 // Nordstrom). Four Lipglass shades are available in this collection - Twerkquoise(transparent sky blue with fine pink reflect), Bubble Butt(magenta with fine pink and blue glitter), Saint Germain(light cool pink) and Glitter Grunge(sheer berry with extra fine silver sparkle).

Twerkquoise is shown below and I'll be honest, I wanted it mostly for the name and teal glitter cap. When worn the blue tint is hardly noticeable and the sparkle is nearly undetectable. This is the type of shade that would be good to make your teeth appear whiter and give the lips an extra glossy finish. As with all MAC Lipglass shades the formula is slightly sticky but I don't find it to be annoyingly so.

MAC Good Luck Trolls Twerkquoise lipglass swatches review gloss swatch pics makeup

Also within the collection you'll see Lipsticks, Pigment, Reflects Glitter and Chroma Craze.

Below the swatches of these products are done dry with no primers or bases:

MAC Good Luck Trolls Makeup Collection Swatches review swatch pics

Are you a Troll fan girl? What shades are you the most excited for (and lmk if it's because of the name or the actual color!).

The MAC Good Luck Trolls collection will be available online at beginning July 28 and in-store beginning August 4. I confirmed with MAC Live Chat that you will be able to shop for this collection at places like Nordstrom and Macy's.

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