MAC Constant Craving Versicolour Stain Swatches + Review

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The stain of all stains except it's for your lips! I'm talking about the new MAC Versicolour Stain($24.00 // Nordstrom)! This new formula is available in 16 shades and I have one below to show you in Constant Craving (sorry not sorry if that song is stuck in your head now, because it's stuck in mine).

MAC Constant Craving Versicolour Stain

Previously in life I couldn't find any sort of lip stain that worked well, wasn't uncomfortable and didn't fade off making my lips look like they had some sort of major disease. BTW my review is based on just this one shade, since it's the only one I tried. I do plan on grabbing a few more!

MAC Constant Craving Versicolour Stain review photos swatches

Constant Craving is described as a midtone blue pink. I found the formula easy to apply with the elongated, sloped, sponge applicator. This shade applied evenly and even though initially the color put me off (that lilac-ish tone always does) it applied much more pink and light. As I wore the stain I was drinking coffee and had no transfer at all. The shade remained as vivid as when I applied it. After eating later in the afternoon the color dulled a bit, but the tint was still visible. The tint wore all day until I removed it at night.

Wearing this lip tint was comfortable for me. It is glossy when applied but as you eat and drink that goes away. As that gloss fades it's still not drying, but will feel a bit sticky if you press your lips together. You can reapply Constant Craving over-top to freshen it up and make the color pop again or just wear a clear gloss.

MAC Constant Craving Versicolour Stain applicator

What shades of MAC Versicolour Stain are you dying to try? I want to pick up a few more and see if I like them all and if they all work out as good as Constant Craving. I'm talking the deeper shades like Preserving Passion and Resilient Rouge!

MAC Constant Craving Versicolour Stain swatches

MAC Versicolour Stain colors are available now at Nordstrom, Macy's, Bloomingdale's and

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