MAC Alluring Aquatic Lip Product Swatches + Review

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You've seen and heard about the beautiful MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection and I've even shown you a few pieces already (nail polishes, cheek products) - but nothing shines as bright as a beautiful tube of lipstick. Especially when said lipsticks are phenomenal!

Soooo many lip products were released and I do have several here to share with you today in What Comes Naturally Lip Pencil, Half-Red Lip Pencil, Peachstock Lipglass, Water Deities Lipglass, Mystical Lipstick and Goddess of the Sea Lipstick.

MAC Alluring Aquatic Lips

What Comes Naturally Lip Pencil is described as a light nude. This shade is great for washing out your actual lip pigment to enhance a shade, but I personally like it the most for wearing under nude lip gloss shades that seem to settle into the lip lines way too much. The formula was slightly dry but still usable.

MAC Alluring Aquatics Lip Product Review Swatches

Half-Red Lip Pencil is described as soft burgundy. I don't know why I thought this would be more red, but I ended up loving the shade regardless. The formula was pretty fantastic and the color looks heavenly under vampy and even nude shades! This is still available within the Alluring Aquatic Collection but it's also part of the permanent line in the regular black packaging.

MAC What Comes Naturally Lip Pencil Swatches

Peachstock Lipglass is described as creamy true nude. It was a little more sheer than I would have liked, settling into the lip lines. I think this one will be best layered rather than worn alone. It's sister Peachstock lipstick (PRO) has always been popular so of course this was one of the two lipglass shades that sold out.

MAC Half-Red Lip Pencil Swatches

Water Deities Lipglass is described as a light bronzey pink. It's got shimmer and is slightly frosty, but I found the pigment to be excellent and the shade wears well alone as well as on top of the lipsticks. If you want to purchase it's actually still available!

MAC Peachstock Lipglass Swatches

Mystical Lipstick is described as midtone creamy rose, cremesheen. This one is the perfect shade for when you want something neutral, but not flesh or lip colored. The formula was awesome and the color perfection.

MAC Water Deities Lipglass Swatches

Goddess of the Sea Lipstick is described as a dark vibrant violet, cremesheen. I don't know about you, but this is the most wearable violet I've ever seen. The pigment was fantastic and the formula was so smooth! Love me a good cremesheen!

MAC Mystical Lipstick Swatches

I was really surprised how much I loved the lipsticks. I thought the shades would be way too deep for me (looking at them in the tube I was immediately like "NOPE") but they ended up being just pigmented enough to wear comfortably even daily. I really wanted to get my hands on Enchanted One Lipstick, but that was basically like trying to hunt down a unicorn. Hopefully it'll re-release within a another collection!

MAC Goddess of the Sea Lipstick Swatches

Did you pick up anything from the MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection? Share your hauls and/or wishlists in the comments below!

MAC Alluring Aquatics Lip Product Swatches

The MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection is available at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Bloomingdale’s and

***Water Deities Lipglass, What Comes Naturally Lip Pencil and Mystical Lipstick were received as Press Samples while Peachstock Lipglass, Half-Red Lip Pencil and Goddess of the Sea Lipstick were purchased by me. All opinions are my own. For more information, please see the Disclosure Policy. This post also contains affiliate links.