Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Review

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It's no secret that an HG hair product of mine since it launched is the Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream (recently featured in Summer Hair Must-Haves). In fact, I'm a major fan of the entire No Frizz line because it was the first set of products that I found actually kept my hair frizz free (which is no small feat) even in the heavy Summer-time heat. Even though my hair has heavy frizz it doesn't hold a style well. You would think with all the coarse-ness going on styling would be easy. Nope. Never has been. Living Proof now has a new product that has changed that and still kept my hair frizz-free - Perfect Hair Day™ 5-in-1 Styling Treatment.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day review

Perfect Hair Day ($26.00 // Sephora) is the latest oil-free and silicone-free hair product line from Living Proof that is said to "provide volume, smoothness, conditioning, strength, and polish in one easy step". I've been applying this every day for the last few weeks to freshly washed, slightly towel dried hair and then heat styling with a hair dryer. I found that this not only kept the frizz at bay but also made my hair hold style better without looking dirty. Since it's been negative temps cold I obviously haven't been able to try this out in humid weather, but based off of this experience I have very high hopes!

Helpful tips: My hair type is frizzy and fine with an oily crown. If you have an oily crown also keep this off of that area or use very sparingly. Also, make sure you do not put too much product in your hair. You really do not need a ton and it does your hair no good to coat it with layers of styling product of ANY kind. Start with a small amount in your hands and start at the roots, working up. I comb it through after I apply as well to make sure it's even and no product is concentrated in any one area.

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What is your go-to frizz fighting product?

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