Laura Mercier PINK PRISM Brilliant Glacé Lip Gloss & TWILIGHT Caviar Stick Eye Colour Swatches & Review - White Magic Collection for Holiday 2013

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Nothing is more illuminating in the winter months than glistening snow. For Holiday 2013Laura Mercier has created an entire collection to inspire the luminosity of bright spirits and holiday sparkle - White Magic.

From this collection I have two items to share with you today - Pink Prism Brilliant Glacé Lip Gloss and Twilight Caviar Stick Eye Colour.

laura Mercier White Magic Lip Gloss Caviar Eye Stick

Pink Prism Brilliant Glacé Lip Gloss($24.00) is a sheer hot pink gloss with major flashes of shimmery green and gold. The arm swatch is a lot thicker and more pigmented (see below) than you'll get on your lips, but that's definitely a good thing (at least for me, I like some sparkle but I don't want to look like I'm party rockin' mid-day). The formula isn't sticky at all and lasted about 3 hours, which is normal for me with a gloss. Below I took lips swatches at two different angles to show off the flashes of shimmer.

Laura Mercier Pink Prism Lip Glace Twilight Caviar Stick Eye Colour

Twilight Caviar Stick Eye Colour ($26.00) is a graphite grey pearl if you look at it one way and a deep greyish taupe pearl if you look at it another way. It's a great, go-to base shade for every color you can think of because it'll make everything smoke and pop. I'm a huge fan of the Caviar Stick Eye Colour formula. They're fabulous at keeping your eye looking pristine all day long. Note: There are several Illuminating Eye Colours released within this collection that would all look stunning with this as the base.

laura mercier pink prism brilliant gloss
Laura Mercier Pink Prism Lip Gloss Swatch 2
Laura Mercier Pink Prism Lip Gloss Swatch

These two products are so necessary for your holiday beauty arsenal. These items are both limited edition, so get them while you can!

Laura Mercier twilight caviar eye stick
Laura Mercier Twilight Caviar Stick & Pink Prism Gloss Swatch
Laura Mericer Twilight Caviar stick Pink Prism Lip gloss swatch 2

How do you look luminous for the holiday?

The Laura Mercier White Magic Collection is available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Ave and