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Men are THE WORST to shop for. They think women are bad?! No. Men are all like "I don't need anything" or "Just get whatever". So unless you really know the dude you're shopping for, what the actual eff do you buy for a guy?! Last year I did a post in early December of the Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for Your Man. For this year I want to expand on that and really talk gifts. Most of these gifts can be used for Stocking Stuffers (I used to always like to make a fun stocking for my SO to open up when I was dating) but some can make up awesome gift baskets or a lot of goodies under the tree. So spoiled.

Gift Ideas for Men

Here are some great ideas, in no particular order, of some cool ideas on what to get your man for the Holidays (or really any occasion). All over the spectrum in terms of pricing, all things I've heard first hand men say they love:

  1. Subscription Services. They're not just for the ladies. Birchbox offers a monthly box for men. Also check out Men's Accessories Box (which sends your man a new accessory every month), Monthly Express (which is a luxury membership gift service that delivers boutique, hard-to-find, and even limited-supply high-end products from shops and brands all over the globe) and. There are different monetary levels on each service, so this is customizable to your budget.
  2. Grooming Basket. Whether men like to admit it or not, they like to feel pretty handsome. Putting together a basket of items for grooming is always useful - regardless if your man is into a well maintained beard or likes to keep his face smooth as a baby's bottom. Some faves are Duke Cannon Supply Co* Clear Shaving Gel, Anthony Logistics and Outlaw Soaps (for when he wants to be all Wild Wild West and be overly manly!). LAB SERIES also has a cool new product called Age Rescue+ Water-Charged Gel Cream which is his answer to anti-aging. Let's be honest, only Clint Eastwood looks hot with hardcore wrinkles.
  3. ShaveMOB. This goes beyond all things grooming, because it's perfect for your guy whether he's a "baby face" or a "caveman". Here you buy a starter kit for $9.99. There's no membership fee required, but you can purchase a 2 month supply all the way up to 12-months. Every order also comes with a free gift! (There is also a kit for women).
  4. Hair Coiffing Stuff. Redken is a big fave among the men I've talked to, particularly the which they've said keeps their hair style in place without making the hairs clump together (which apparently makes them feel like they're going bald). Coordinating products
  5. Food. It's dead true when they say the direct way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Make it festive with some Rudolph's Snack Mix($8.99 at Target) or bake for him. I don't make, so I'll go grab some Rudolph. And maybe some cookies that I can put on a plate and pretend I made.
  6. Hilarious Garb. Nothing says Christmas like a sweatshirt that will offend Grandma. Mossimo at Target has some really good pullover sweaters to choose from! Some even have socks you can buy to match!
  7. Glass for Their Booze. Men love their booze. Buy their fave and grab these Bottles & Wood's unique, handcrafted, re-purposed glassware. Made from Corona Light, Red Stripe to Stone Brewery's Arrogant Bastard - he'll never get rid of it and his friends are definitely jealous (men get jealous of such
  8. Tech Stuff. Ahhh... boys and their toys. The GoPro HERO3+ is a light and powerful camera to snap and film all of your Holiday memories. It also includes free editing software.
  9. Humorous Gifts. Maybe your relationship is new and you guys like to goof around. Or have you been dating awhile and your guy needs a hint? A gag gift that works is Nature's Call, which is a spray for the toilet that will mask bad odors. You know what I mean ;) Okay so maybe this is more a gift for you to breathe easier around your man's toilet time.
  10. Candles. This goes along with the above. My dad LOVES CANDLES. The manly scents from Bath & Body Works like Leaves or things with Pine or Cinnamon. This is probably only going to be good if he has his own place (let's be real unless you guys are pretty young he better not be living at home). Guys need things to mask that "man" smell and they know this. Pair it with some golf balls or some Under Armour so as not to completely de-man him this season.
Holiday Gifts for Men

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