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Aside from having the best packaging of arguably anything EVER, the MAC Alluring Aquatics Collection features bronzing cheek products abound, certainly able to give you that golden glow that the Summer sirens all ache for! The three products that I have to show you today work well together and also on their own - Golden Bronzing Powder, Delphic Extra Dimension Bronzer and Seduced at Sea Extra Dimension Blush.

First... the packaging. The outer box packaging is a shiny, metallic, Caribbean blue with dots randomly strewn throughout to symbolize beaded drops of water. The casing of the product has the same color but is has a mirror metallic finish and the "rain drops" are raised. I am so obsessed with it!

MAC Alluring Aquatics Blush Bronzer Cheeks Swatches Review

Golden Bronzing Powder (muted golden tan-beige with shimmer, $27.50) You've seen it before, it's permanent, you know it's gorgeous. I seriously don't care if you have it, you need it for the packaging. It's $2.50 more than the one in the original packaging - totally worth it. It's pictured above close up... we all know I'm a sucker for packaging but this one is beyond all. Aside from all that it's really a lovely product. The shimmer isn't over-bearing and it will work great for the face and body. This lasted all day on my face with the other two products in this post.

MAC Alluring Aquatics Packaging
MAC Alluring Aquatics Bronzer Extra Dimension Blush
MAC Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimension Bronzing Blush
MAC Alluring Aquatic Bronzing Powder Packaging
MAC Golden Bronzing Powder Swatches Review

Delphic Extra Dimension Bronzer(soft brick tan with a touch of fine shimmer, $33.00)  is a warm, tanned orange that sits on the skin rather than sinks in. I didn't find the shimmer to be over-bearing (which sometimes happens with the Extra Dimension products) and this bronzer was soft and easy to blend. It lasted all day long with no fading.

MAC Delphic Extra Dimension Bronzer Swatches Review

Seduced at Sea Extra Dimension Blush(midtone neutral plum, $27.50) is really more of a peach-toned plum with a bit of a sparkle. Again, the sparkle wasn't over-bearing and like the ED bronzer it didn't sink into the skin but was soft and blendable. The reflectiveness of it made my cheeks appear slightly glowy and it held up on my cheeks all day.

MAC Seduced at Sea Extra Dimension Blush Swatches Review

Below I'm wearing Golden Bronzing Powder primarily at the hollows of the cheeks, Delphic Extra Dimension Bronzer on the cheekbones above that and Seduced at Sea Extra Dimension Blush on the apples of the cheeks.

MAC Alluring Aquatic Swatches

The MAC Alluring Aquatics Collection is available at Nordstrom, Macy's, Dillard's, Bloomingdale's and

MAC Alluring Aquatics Bronzer Look

***Golden Bronzing Powder & Delphic Extra Dimension Bronzer were received as a Press Samples while Seduced at Sea Extra Dimension Blush was purchased by me. All opinions are my own. For more information, please see the Disclosure Policy. This post also contains affiliate links.