China Glaze Twinkle Nail Polish Collection Swatches + Review - Holiday 2014

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The China Glaze Twinkle Nail Polish collection for Holiday 2014 certainly touched on the red and green but also gave us an explosion of pretty glitters and a nice assortment of other colors just as festive as the usual shades.

China Glaze Twinkle Nail Polish Collection Swatches

Each nail polish was swatched using Cult Nails Get It On Perfecting Base Coat and China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat.

I'd Melt for You is a silver chrome. One coat made it opaque but 2 coats evened out the streaking enough to make it minimal. Remember, the less brushstrokes you do the better off you'll be.

China Glaze I'd Melt for You Nail Polish Swatches

Feeling Twinkly has a clear base with fine blue shimmer. One coat is shown over I'd Melt for You.

China Glaze Feeling Twinkly Nail Polish Swatches

Tip Your Hat is a medium red cream. It's a beautiful shade and only required one coat for full opacity!

China Glaze Tip Your Hat Nail Polish Swatches

Pine-ing for Glitter has a clear base and a fine green glitter as well as slightly bigger (but still small) green glitters. One coat is shown over Tip Your Hat.

China Glaze Pine-ing for Glitter Nail Polish Swatches

Define Good... is a beautiful metallic maroon with flashes of gold. The first pic shows it without flash, the second pic I had to use the flash to show off the shade. One coat.

China Glaze Define Good Nail Polish Swatches
China Glaze Define Good Nail Polish Swatche flash

De-light has a clear base but is loaded with gold glitter and holo bar glitter. So gorgeous! One coat shown over Define Good.

China Glaze De-light Nail Polish Swatches

Out Like a Light is a deep grey cream. One coat.

China Glaze Out Like a Light Nail Polish Swatches

Chillin' With My Snow-mies has a clear base and white hex glitters in all the sizes. It was hard to maneuver the pieces..the base is just too thick, but it looks really nice in the end and I'm a total sucker for the name. One coat shown over Out Like a Light.

China Glaze Chillin With my snow-mies Nail polish swatches

No Peeking is a frosty grape. Two coats.

China Glaze No Peeking Nail Polish Swatches

Dancing & Prancing has a clear base saturated with multi-colored glitters of all sizes. Like Chillin' With My Snowmies the base was thick and you had to maneuver and push to get glitter to apply evenly. One coat shown over No Peeking.

China Glaze Dancing & Prancing Nail Polish Swatches

Meet Me Under the Stars has a sheer black base loaded with silver glitter. Three coats.

China Glaze Meet Me Under the Stars Nail Polish Swatches

December to Remember is a frosty blue with hints of fuchsia and golds. Super pretty. It looked okay in two coats but I used three for the photo to be safe.

China Glaze December to Remember Nail Polish Swatches

My favorites from this collection are Meet Me Under the Stars, December to Remember, Define Good..., Dancing & Prancing and Chillin' With My Snowmies (for the name).

The China Glaze® Twinkle collection has been available since November 2014 at fine beauty supply stores and salons nationwide including Sally Beauty and Ulta where individual shades MSRP for $7.50.