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The beauty world has been abuzz with talk of the recently released Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation($44.00 // Nordstrom). Originally, last year, this was released in the UK only (with a lot of us in talks to make a group order to get our hands on it early and save on shipping - which didn't end up happening because no one knew what their shade would be in the formula) and was getting stellar reviews from bloggers overseas. On the Charlotte Tilbury Instagram page the before and afters were just stunning and amped us all up even more. Who doesn't want an easy to apply foundation that hides all of the facial imperfections of life such as large pores, acne, melasma, rosacea.. you get me.

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I do have pores (wahhh), some left-over acne scarring spots and some melasma under my eyes/upper cheek area. Cover all the things, Magic Foundation.

For how to use it just says to "apply with a complexion brush for flawless, poreless, weightless coverage".

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Flawless Long-Lasting Coverage review

Application & Wear.
I've tried to apply this foundation a few different ways. (1) The first was with a brush, since Charlotte Tilbury has released the Magic Complexion Brush which has been shown used in conjunction with the Magic Foundation. I didn't buy that particular brush but I do have a few that are similar from IT Cosmetics (I used this one). I applied a few dots of the foundation on my face and buffed it out. The foundation buffed out nicely and helped my complexion a bit. On this attempt I didn't find it to be full coverage but more of a medium demi-matte. TBH at this point I wasn't super impressed. But, in the spirit of a full review, I tried again... twice.

On the second attempt (2) I decided to just go ham and full coverage myself and apply a ball of this foundation with my hands. Okay, a ball probably seems like a lot but it wasn't a ton. Applying this product with my fingers did give a fuller coverage and it still blended out well and evenly. I still wasn't over the moon, probably because it was a little too much coverage at this point (which I fixed with a damp beautyblender).

On my (3) third attempt I took a dollop of product off of the applicator and swiped it on the back of my hand. I then took the IT Cosmetics brush (the one similar to the Charlotte Tilbury IMO - might not be IRL) and dabbed it into the product and then dabbed the product all over my face using the brush. I blended it out with that same brush and then added a bit more of the product left over to areas that needed more coverage. THIS was the best way, for me, to apply this foundation. I loved the end result. It was the perfect combination of coverage, matte finish but not too matte, not heavy... wonderful!

Wear time wasn't too bad. I'm incredibly oily so I did get shiny within about 2 hours or so, which isn't the worst result for my skin but it's not the best. To fix the oil resurfacing I dusted on a bit more of Loose Setting Powder and that obviously helped.

I don't recommend using a beautyblender as your only application method with this foundation unless you're looking for a sheerer coverage of the light to light-medium level. If you're into a lot of steps you could apply the foundation first with the beautyblender and then use the brush method I used in step 1, but that's just going to give you the results that I got in step 3.

Charlotte tilbury magic foundation swatches

I have oily skin and I do think this is a good product, it covered well and I'm happy with how my makeup looked on top of it. If you have dry skin check out my girl Mallory's YouTube video on how she's applying & wearing this foundation on her dry skin - her amazing before and after included!!

Are you going to check out the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation? Tell me what you think about it in the comments!

You can pick up Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation at Nordstrom, Beautylish, Bergdorf Goodman and

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