April 2015 RocksBox Photos & Review

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Rocksbox wishlist came through this month! I seriously love that you can type "wishlist" under a jewelry pic on their social media accounts and get that item (obv pending availability) in your next box. I think you're going to love what I got this month! Check out what Rocksbox is below and make sure you keep scrolling for jewelry pics!

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What is Rocksbox?

First you

sign up on the website

and become a “Shine Insider” for $19/month. Shipping each way is FREE. Take the style survey and add jewelry items to your wish list. Three pieces of jewelry will then be sent to you based on your style and specific requests. Wear/keep them for as long as you want or return them anytime and get three new pieces sent to you immediately (IME shipping is really fast). You can cancel at any time.

Your $19 gets you unlimited jewelry rental – so say you get three pieces that maybe you’re not so crazy about or maybe you KNOW you love one and dislike the rest. Send whatever you don’t like back and they’ll send you a new set out. You can do this as much as you want all month! For any pieces you keep you can use your Shine Spend/Forever Spend or they can charge your card on file.

What is Shine Spend? Every month you’ll receive $10 in Shine Spend to put towards any of your purchases. So if you have a $20 necklace you want to keep and you use your $10 Shine Spend you’ll pay only $10 out of pocket! Your Shine Spend does not accumulate, so make sure you use that $10!

What is Forever Spend?For every person you refer that signs up for Rocksbox you get a $25 referral credit! Forever Spend will never expire even if you cancel your membership.

Rocksbox Shine Insider
Rocksbox jewelry april

When your Rocksbox arrives you’ll get a little note (like the above) telling you all about the items that you’ve been sent – name, pricing etc. Everything also comes packed very well, looking beautiful.

Rocksbox April

Now that the details are out of the way let’s check out the goods!

Rocksbox April 2015

From Kendra Scott, Hayden Necklace in Gold Iridescent Drusy. I loved the necklace from last month that was in rose gold so I wish-listed this one to get this time. I do love it but didn't end up keeping it because I saw that I had a similar, delicate gold necklace. The retail price of this item is $60.00 and the member price is $48.00.

From Gorjana, Mika Cutout Drop Earrings. Gorjana is one of my favorite designers in the Rocksbox line-up. I wasn't a fan when I first saw these but they look fantastic on. I have a pair of gold drop earrings from a past Rocksbox that I kept so these ones went back. They were fun to wear, though! The retail price of this item is $65.00 and the member price is $52.00.

From Trina Turk, Hexagon Stone Flex Bracelet in Turquoise. First reaction was LOVE. Next reaction was how the heck do you get this on?! It's got an extremely strong magnetic clasp and it looked so cool it made me want it even more! The price was a little high for what I'd spend on a bracelet (I rarely wear them) so I ended up passing. It's totally my style, though. The retail price of this item is $108.00 and the member price is $86.00.

Rocksbox jewelry review

I love that with Rocksbox I can try new jewelry pieces and I can keep the pieces I want at a discounted price. I usually purchase an item on an average of 50% of the time. I’m always pleased with the quality and they are pretty spot on matching my style with the jewelry that they send.

rocksbox jewelry gorjana

(pic from

my Instagram

wearing the Kendra Scott Necklace and Gorjana Earrings)

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