12 Must-Have Makeup Brushes feat. IT Cosmetics

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If you even do as much as scroll through my posts on here it's pretty obvious I'm a huge fan of IT Cosmetics, especially their makeup brushes. Not only are the makeup brushes produced by IT Cosmetics high-quality but they're also more on the affordable side. True, there are some that one might call an "investment", but these brushes are sure to not shed and also hold up through a lot of abuse (I'm not so careful with brushes and even my oldest ones still look perfect after daily use). Now IT Cosmetics has a full line of brushes available at Ulta, here are the ones they've noted as the 12 Must-Haves!

12 must have makeup brushes from it cosmetics
  1. OMG! Foundation Brush No.106 ($24.00 - Airbrush). This paddle brush is dense but is perfect for blending your favorite liquid and cream foundations for a flawless look every time. To use: Smooth and blend onto skin in sweeping even motions. Best for: Liquid Foundation, BB & CC Creams.
  2. LBD Foundation No. 302 ($38.00 - Velvet Luxe). This dense brush is domed and custom cut for all over face buffing and easy application on targeted spots. To use: Blend in a sweeping motion, the custom cut makes it easy to blend around the eyes, nose and brow. Best for: Multi-tasking complexion for your favorite liquid, cream and powder foundations.
  3. Essential Concealer No. 212 ($22.00 - Live Beauty Fully). A thin and tapered paddle brush which allows for smooth and precise application on targeted areas. To use: Use small and smooth strokes, blending into targeted areas. Best for: Liquid & Cream Concealers.
  4. Blurring Foundation No. 101 ($24.00 - Airbrush). The dome shape makes it easy to control and buff on application all over the face or in targeted areas. To use: Buff on in circular motions for flawless and even application. Best for: Liquid, Cream and Powder Foundations - particularly mineral foundations.
  5. Complexion Perfection No. 115 ($24.00 - Airbrush). This brush is dense with a precision cut angled shape to hug the curves of your face. To use: With the flat top side buff the product onto your skin. Use the angled side to blend the contours of your face. Best for: Liquid, Cream and Powder Foundations.
  6. All-Over Powder No. 211 ($40.00 - Live Beauty Fully). It's big and fluffy, perfect for dusting powder all over the face and body. To use: With light, circular motions dust the product onto the face and body. Best for: Loose and Pressed Powders.
  7. Soft Focus Sculpting No. 315($34.00 - Velvet Luxe). This angled brush is dense and perfect to highlight and contour with. To use: Using a gentle sweeping motion blending onto the skin. To contour and define, use on an angle. Best for: Cream and Powder Bronzers and Luminizers.
  8. Essential Bronzer No. 114 ($26.00 - Airbrush). This brush is dense and cropped for targeted highlighting and contouring. To use: Lightly sweep bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face (nose, chin, cheekbones). Best for: Cream and Powder Bronzers.
  9. Flawless Blush No. 227 ($28.00 - Live Beauty Fully). The dense, angled shape is designed to hug the cheek contour for natural looking color and placement. To use: Sweep over the cheeks in small circles, blending out to the sides and upwards. Best for: Cream, Liquid and Powder Blushes.
  10. Precision Shadow No. 112 ($13.00 - Airbrush). The small, round head works well to apply shadow with precision and control. To use: Pat shadow directly onto the lid then use sweeping motions to blend as needed. Best for: Powder and Cream Eye Shadows.
  11. Angled Liner/Brow No. 217($16.00 - Live Beauty Fully). This brush has a firm and flat angled tip that applies color smoothly and easily on the lash line or through the brows, creating a natural look. To use: With short, feathery strokes follow the lashline for liner application or brow arch to fill in the brows. Best for: Powder, Cream and Gel Eyeliners or Brow Products.
  12. Blending Crease No. 105 ($14.00 - Airbrush). The narrow and tapered head fits perfectly into the crease of the eye for definition and impact. To use: Tap color onto the eyelid using the flat side of the brush and then use the round tip to blend the shadow into the crease with small sweeping motions. Best for: All of your favorite crease shadows!

My particular faves? Anything noted as Airbrush! They all work beautifully, and maybe it's in my head... but I feel like the airbrush touted makeup brushes always give me the most flawless, blurred and "natural appearing" look.

What are your favorite makeup brushes?

Make it a point to visit your local Ulta and check out the IT Cosmetics Brushes. You'll be overwhelmed, and in a good way. Bring money ;)