Holiday Gifting: Planner Girl

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Shopping for people is never easy. It doesn't matter how well you know the person you really can't be sure what they'll like. Over the next few weeks I'll be doing a series of "Holiday Gifting" posts which will hopefully make it easier for you to pick out gifts for the special people in your life. 

In this first post we'll be taking a look at Holiday Gifting for the person in your life that loves to write in and/or decorate their planner(s). I had to add that "s" on the end because, as a planner girl myself, I know that most of us have more than one and also we can never have enough.

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First step - MORE PLANNERS. YES. We need them like we need air. The most popular planner is the Erin Condren Life Planner (usually the vertical) because it's so customizable and there's a place for everything. I'm on my second one and plan on picking up a third for 2017. 

If the person you're gifting already has an ECLP but is into getting a few more you definitely need to check into getting them one of the following:

  • Kate Spade Cameron Street $198 (The Wellesley was an incredibly popular zip around agenda that you can also use as a wallet - the Cameron Street is the latest version! I have a Rose Gold Wellesley and it's all I can do not to buy the Mahogany Cameron... the struggle is very real.).
  • Kate Spade Large Agenda $36.00 (If the zip around, personal size isn't your cup of tea check out the Large Agenda for more room to write and decorate. I also really love the Kate Spade Diary Agenda!).
  • Create 365 Happy Planner $19.99-$29.99 (Fabulous, especially if you're just starting out because you can actually buy sets that include the planner as well as stickers).
  • Agenda $32.00 (I love the I Am Very Busy one!).
  • Rifle Paper Co $30.00 (I really like how it resembles more of a diary, you can really write out your day as well as keep it nice and neat. They also have a gorgeous desktop planner.).
  • Louis Vuitton $270-$870 (If you have the means you must get this... it's pricey at first, but you can fill it with inserts from Sew Much Crafting and save some $$$ - plus it's way more customizable. There are several sizes, the most popular one being the personal sized MM).

Which one you choose really just depends on the style of your intended. Are they more functional and work-oriented? Are they more the event-planning, on-the-go type?

Second step - that decor life. Every planner person loves to decorate their planner with the cutest, most on-trend accessories. Whether it's with random colors of pens, changing up their cover or dashboard with the holiday/season or with stickers - a planner loves to pretty up every thing.

Third step - get thee some storage. You have now bought alllllll these things for the planner in your life and they have no where to put it. Price wise, there are a ton of options and it's easy to get creative:

Finally, join some Facebook groups. If all else fails this is where you'll find the latest and greatest on all things in the planner world. The scoops on new releases as well as sales and deals from etsy sellers or people looking to de-stash. I'm personally a member of the Kate Spade Planners Club, We Love EC, Planner Marketplace and more!

I hope this post helped to give you a few ideas for that planner fiend in your life. If you're reading along and have more gift selections please let us know in the comments!