Gift Giving: Snarky Fun Fashion

Easy gift ideas that keep giving year 'round
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Easy gift ideas that keep giving year 'round

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This list is going to be your holiday gift shopping savior. There's nothing I love more than wearing a top with a fun, snarky phrase or drinking my coffee from a mug with a funny saying. Even on the mornings when I'm mad AF these words make me smile which can improve my entire day. Behold the gifts that will keep on giving all year round.

Fun, quirky, snarky gift giving ideas

Fun, quirky, snarky gift giving ideas


signaturetshirts on etsy. Not that the snark needs to be holiday related.... BUT who doesn't love National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation? Who doesn't crack up at Todd and Margo? I totally bought these while I was writing this post lmao!

House of W Designs on Shopify. Shirts for that beauty glam queen! My faves are Casual Slay and Too Glam to Give a Damn. Code: LOVEFORLACQUER will get you 15% off (thanks, Jess!).

Wildfox Couture. I discovered this brand when they had a few items released for Jem and the Holograms. Their sayings are always trendy and cute - plus the shirt I bought is SO SOFT! Currently I'm loving the 78% sure shirt.

Sincerely Jules. The Lips & Lashes tee came home with me earlier this year because I had to wear it to The Makeup Show! This is also the brand that carries that Célfie graphic tee everyone wears!

Amuse Society. Sorry Not Sorry. This way you don't have to actually say it, because it's on your shirt.

Target. They have hilarious, inexpensive and awesome graphic tees with allllll the snark. My fave in the women's is Can't Adult Today but tbh the men's section has even better ones. 

Connor Claire. I know you know Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog... but did you know she has her own shop? Connor Claire is named after her daughter and has fantastic shirts for beauty lovers! I purchased Another Day Another Chance to Slay and get so many compliments! 

Victoria's Secret PINK. Last year they owned the town on snarky holiday tops (I bought them all) and this year is no different. Define Naughty is my current fave but they do keep their snark up all year long (just not as "themed") - be sure to check the sleep section... I find some good ones there that I wear out. ;) 

Gift Giving: Snarky Fashion ideas

Gift Giving: Snarky Fashion ideas


Breakups to Makeup. Their clutches are a big fave in the beauty community and this Leave a Little Sparkle one is no exception!

Kate Spade. They always make adorable items, mostly cutesy... but you can admit there's some snark there. I personally love the Eat Cake for Breakfast Tumbler and the Never Overdressed Journal.

Phyrra. Cruelty free blogger Phyrra has a shop! I love alllllll of the "When in doubt, add lipstick" items because, TRUTH.

HappyCragCoffeeMugs on etsy. I was scrolling through the mugs and every single one I clicked on was from this seller! My fave is the Grammar Mug!

LolaAndGilbert on etsy. Super funny tote bags, makeup bags, mugs and more! My fave is the "I have CDO" makeup bag.

Zazzle. Now you know if you want some funny you can always go to Zazzle and basically get anything and everything that you're looking for. Find a gift, stick some snark on it.

Snarky gift giving ideas

Snarky gift giving ideas

Where do you shop for snark?

Easy gift giving ideas

Easy gift giving ideas

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