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I would LOVE to hear from you!

Please feel free to contact me (Brooke) at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you’re a manufacturer or a PR firm looking to have someone review your products, or host a giveaway I would love to help you out with an HONEST post/review (see below for more info)!

I’m also open to advertising and product promotion.  Please contact me at the email address provided for media kit.

Primarily I blog about makeup, nail polish, hair care… all things that help to enhance BEAUTY! Occasionally I’ll do a handbag or fashion post as well. As long as it’s something I’m passionate about, I’m on board!

Although many of the items reviewed on Blushing Noir are purchased, I do accept products for review from brands and public relations representatives. Receipt of a product does not constitute a contract for a published review of the product. Reviews are done based on honest assessments of the products and content is not pre-approved by PR representatives or brands. Products that wish to impose such limitations will not be accepted for review without compensation and disclosure as a sponsored post.

Editorial timeline is currently 3-4 weeks from receipt of a product.  If a product is listed as Limited Edition I do strive to post about the product within 1-2 weeks.   Skin care will be tested for 4-8 weeks, depending on the product and is done on a first come, first served basis.  As of right now I’m extremely bogged down with skin care and am being a little more selective than usual so I can catch up.

Please note, any samples sent cannot be returned.

A media kit is available upon request and is in PDF form.

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  1. hello! I’m trying to enter your giveaway but the widget doesn’t load for me. is there any way to enter? like i just tell you i want to enter & see if you can help me? Thanks! I would appreciate it! :) Btw, your giveaway is so awesome! It’s a really cool giveaway! I really want the essie nail polished :)))

    • Hi, Alicia! The best thing to do if a refresh doesn’t work, is to try and go to the site through a different browser, sometimes chrome will mess it up. It loads well for me in Firefox and IE! LMK if you are still having problems with it after that!

    • if you’re using google chrome that might be the problem, it seems a lot of blogs have issues with chrome… try firefox or IE! HTH!

  2. Hello

    I was wondering how do I get you to do a product reviews. I know that many bloggers allow readers to send them samples of their products and give an honest review. Do you participate in this or not?

  3. Hi! I recently came across your blog, and its so thorough and well put together. I wanted to ask you if you still were subscribed to myglam/ipsy? I hope to hear from you soon! :)

    • Hi! Thank you! I removed my subscription a few months ago, but reinstated it for this month. I’ll have a November bag to share with you all soon =)

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