Makeup Wars – Travel Items I Wish I Could Afford & How to Get Them on the Cheap

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This week for Makeup Wars we’re featuring our must have travel items. I’ve covered posts similar in the past when I went to New York and Florida as well as for Beauty Blogger Travel. For this post I wanted to do something a little different by sharing my Travel Items Lust List and a site I have been using to silently stalk these items to get them pre-loved and much, much cheaper.

What are the must have travel items that I lust for? Louis Vuitton luggage, of course. I’d love to get my hands on a keepall, suitcase and cosmetic case as well as a scarf and sunglasses for good measure. Ideally in carry-on sizes, because I’m too paranoid to let them out of my sight.

Authentic Inexpensive Louis Vuitton Travel Items WishlistHow am I attempting to get these items on the cheap? I’m using a luxury reseller called The RealReal. They offer pre-loved designer items at up to 90% off the original price and *BONUS* they will also give you 20% off of your first purchase for an even bigger discount… YES you can get brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Hermes… the list is endless! You can also consign your designer items and make some quick cash.

Other sites that carry authentic designer items at discounted prices are ShopBop, Gilt and HauteLook.

What travel item out there is on your lust list?

***This post contains affiliate links & referral links.

I’m Headed to IMATS NYC!

As of today I’m on the road!  My step-sis and I are driving to NYC and hitting the town and taking IMATS by storm ;) If you’re going to be there definitely come say hi if you see me!

I do have a few posts scheduled but will be a bit slower with replying to and approving comments and emails.  Please bear with me until I return on Monday ;)

Of course upon my return there will be posts and photos, but if you want to keep up with me while I’m in the city follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

For now, a little peek on some of the beauty goods I packed:

IMG_0716The small bag above is from MAC (for my purse) and the big bag is the Hold Me Bag which will hold all of the below!

IMG_0711 IMG_0713I also took the clothing and items sent from i-ella in this post.  Can’t wait to get to NYC!

Makeup Wars: Beauty Blogger Travel

Beauty Blogger Packing

Oh, you over-pack shoes?  As a Beauty Blogger I over-pack makeup.  When it comes to being sensible for travel in terms of fashion, I have it down.  I actually lay out all of my outfits ahead of time so that I have only what I need.  Everything I want to take is removed from my closet and throughout the 48 hours before my trip I remove things that aren’t must-haves.  So, why can’t I do this with beauty?

I will tell you why.  Because all beauty is a must-have to me!  What if I NEED it?!  Of course, my HG’s come along always, but depending on what you are traveling to and what events are taking place, you may need some other special items.

For this Makeup Wars, we’re taking you into our travel beauty bags to show you what we like to bring with us when we go out of town, on vacation or on any sort of trip (business or pleasure!).

IMG_6314So, this is probably a little bit more than what I’d actually end up taking, but I didn’t really choose an event to base this off of.  I grabbed up my must haves.  My absolute I’m-not-leaving-my-life-behind-for-an-airplane-without-you.

For the face, I absolutely bring the Miracle Skin Transformer Skin and Treat & Conceal, as well as Make Up For Ever Pro Finish (because it’s like a powder and foundation in one), Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge Correcteur Concealer, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector and finally the Le Metier de Beaute Blush Kaleidoscope because it’s everything cheeky in one!

IMG_6339The eye makeup is where I can tend to go really overboard.  Luckily items like the Urban Decay Naked Palette (versions one and two) make for excellent travel companions!  Another palette that is a must have and can be worn for multiple types of events is the Le Metier de Beaute Penelope Kaleidoscope.  The liners you see below are the Le Metier de Beaute Dualistic Eye Pencil in Champagne (an excellent base for all shadows!), MAC Orpheus & Mystery Kohl Power, Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 23L to wake up (I also like 24L when I’m going for a natural look) and for a more dramatic look I’ll use NARS Carpates on the top lid.  For mascara I would grab the Neutrogena Healthy Volume (because it’s currently the mascara I’m cheating on MAC Plushlash with), and to cap it off the MAC Clear Brow Set for eyes and Dior DiorShow Brow Styler.  Of course, we can’t forget the eye primer – I tend to reach for Urban Decay Primer Potion the most.

IMG_6342For lips, I like to use Le Metier de Beaute because the brand is known for how well the products layer and wear.  San Tropez Colour Core Moisture Stain Lipstick makes for the perfect base to layer on a shade to match any outfit.  Three glosses from the same line that I would take along with me are Two Lips Lip Creme, Mums the Word Lip Creme and Red Velvet Lip Creme.  For those times that you don’t want to worry about reapplication of ANY kind, Make Up For Ever #8 Aqua Rouge is a must have.  My lip liner of choice is always MAC Subculture, because it’s the closest to my lip pigment.  Urban Decay Ozone is also a great choice when you’re wearing deep colors that might bleed.

IMG_6350As for brushes, it’s easy to stay minimal because you can take brush cleanser in a travel bottle and wash them every night.  The brushes that I have to have with me are always the Sigma F80, and MAC Brushes 168, 239, 219, 272 and 226.

IMG_6322There you have it!  I stuck with just makeup for this post, but in terms of skin care I learned my lesson the hard way when I went to Disney World in April, so now I stick with my usual skin care from Murad as well as my frizz-free hair care from Living Proof.  My fragrance of choice is Chanel Chance and I tend to try and get sample vials of that, especially if I’m on an airplane.  I’ll also take whatever nail polish I’m wearing on my tips and toes as well as a top coat just in case.  To see some of these things, check out a previous Makeup Wars that we did based off of our HG’s!

What are your must have travel items, beauty or otherwise?

See what the other participants in this installment of Makeup Wars came up with!  I’m really excited to see what the other bloggers take with them when they travel!  What WILL we think of next?!

Virginia Beauty Blogger Meetup!

On my recent quick trip to Virginia to test out the Le Metier de Beaute CHEM60 Pro-Peel and GLOW10ai Mask Set I also got the opportunity to meet up with a few of my fellow bloggers!

(L-R: Me, Kelly, Anne & Elvira)

The ladies in attendance were the ever lovely Elvira of Pink Sith, Kelly of Gouldylox and Anne of Beauty Xpose.  We had a fun time with makeup at Neiman Marcus and tons of laughs and talks over Cheesecake Factory.  Unfortunately, I had to hit the road after that to head home BUT there will be another trip in the works VERY SOON so I can hang out with these ladies again and shop much, much more.

And, yes, Kelly totally picked her seat on purpose so she could be in every single picture.  Just kidding.  Not really.

Vacation Summation & Central Florida Blogger Meet Up!

So I had a flipping great time in Florida!  We were down there for 8 days and as much as I love Disney, I was ready to get home to the house and the doggie.

We hit the following parks – Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios, and Animal Kingdom.  Animal Kingdom was the only semi-let down.  It’s basically a glorified zoo.  The only REALLY cool thing is the Safari, so you do need to do that once.  After the other four parks, though, I expected more from the AK!

I was super excited to see the Max Factor vintage store front and makeup displays at Universal.  There was also really cool makeup effects in a theater for makeup, but pictures weren’t so easy to get in there, so I only have a few of the Max Factor to show you:

The kids had a blast and my son insisted we move there immediately.  “We need to get the dog, sell the house, and move here”.  LOL

Before I left I posted that I was coming and Brittany from Clumps of Mascara mentioned we should meet up!  I’m all for meeting more bloggers (there aren’t so many of us that I know of in Pittsburgh) so I got with the girls one evening at Bahama Breeze and had the BEST time talking beauty, fashion and blogs with some of the greatest minds in Florida (and the best freaking chocolate pineapple upside down cake EVER)!

In attendance (other than me) were Brittany from Clumps of Mascara, Kim from Libby’s Pink Vanity, Catherine from Beauty by Cat, Toni from Toniiz Beauty Blog, Zulay from World of Henna, Pamela from Pamela’s Closet, Lo’Real from Make Me Up In HD, and Elizabeth from Lacquered Up Glittah.

How gorgeous are these ladies?!  It’s a whole table of bloggie talent!  And Wi-Fi Vampires!  Between all of us running laptops, iPads… etc, the normal diner was not getting online.  Sorry, bud!

If you’ll notice, Brittany is only noticeable between two heads (but you wouldn’t know it unless I told you) and I’m really leaned in… the woman taking the photo was snapping away and not mentioning that we weren’t all in.  One of the girls will have a photo of both Brittany and I messing around with our arms in the air and jumping into the photo lol

Don’t worry, Brittany!  I got ya featured ;)

She is using some amazing lip gloss from Philosophy that is a FLASHLIGHT and has a future place in my makeup bag.

Another shot of Brittany and I:

Excuse the shine… it’s hot as Hades in Florida!

Thank you for the AWESOME time and welcome, Central Florida Bloggers!  I love every one of you and if $$$$ weren’t an issue I’d fly down every single month!

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