Top 10 Items in My Purse ~ Beauty Edition

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Do you know how hard it is for a beauty blogger to condense the beauty items that he or she needs in their bag?  Pretty freaking hard.  But I love this Top 10 Tuesday post because it’s forced me to clean out my purse and cut down on the basics (six lip products are definitely basic right?!).

IMG_7824Above is my Rebecca Minkoff Cupid Satchel.  The actual name is escaping me right now, and I can’t find it online =\.  This particular style was released during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but it’s currently on sale even cheaper!  It’s not on the website right now, but I saw them on the sale table at my local store.

Onto the beautiful beauty contents!  In no particular order:


  1. Hair Brush – I probably don’t need to explain that.
  2. IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation – for touch ups, which actually aren’t needed very often when I use this, but it’s important to keep a spare on hand anyway ;)
  3. Hand Cream – So important.  I hate that tight, itchy, dry-hand feeling!  The one in the picture is from L’Occitane, but as I run out it changes into whatever small size of something I have at the time.
  4. Nail File – Again, no explanation needed.  The above is from the Tweezerman Cynthia Rowley Series.  I like this one in my purse because it came with that protective plastic case.
  5. Anti-Bac – At any given time I have at least two of these in my purse.  I have kids and play areas are gross.  Malls are gross.  It’s just a lot of gross out there.  The above are Eucalyptus Mint from Bath and Body Works and Pure Seduction from Victoria’s Secret.
  6. Mirror – That circular zebra bling thing up there is a mirror.  This is more for someone else.  Like if someone asks if you have a mirror they can use… I don’t want to give them my powder compact… because …. well… germs, yo.
  7. First Aid Kit – Again, I have kids.  That thing is full of band-aids, tweezers (also Tweezerman), hand wipes, gauze… as well as Visine for momma ;) And I also throw hair ties and bobby pins in there so they don’t get lost in the depths of my always huge purses.
  8. Lip Products – There are six in the picture and you don’t want to even know what was in there before I went through it.  I tend to throw smaller sized products in my lip bag as “just in case” type things.  Above I took my top 6 and it’s a mixture of Dior and LipSmackers.  And, of course, the MAC Lip Conditioner for good measure.  I can’t stand dry lips.  Could you tell?
  9. Hand Towelettes – These are for emergency hand/face wipes for me or my kids.  They smell so awesome and are really handy.
  10. Pinch Provisions Mini Emergency Kit.  These are FULL of every beauty emergency item you’ll need (such as bandages, safety pins, stain remover, pain reliever, double sided tape…and a whole lot more – 17 in total!).  I keep a set in my bag at all times.  These are available at Sephora.

I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 Items in My Purse!  Check out what the other bloggers have in their bags and be sure to tell us what your must haves are!

****Some items received in this post are press samples. All opinions are 100% honest. This post also contains affiliate links. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

Tweezerman CYNTHIA ROWLEY Limited Edition Designer Series Slant Tweezers & Filemate Photos, Review

Who says tweezing your eyebrows has to be boring?!

The latest and most colorful collaboration is between Cynthia Rowley and Tweezerman.  This limited edition designer series collection will be sold exclusively at Sephora.  The Cynthia Rowley Full Size Slant Tweezers ($25.00) come in two colors (cobalt blue and light blue *shown) and the small, double-sided Cynthia Rowley Filemate ($5.00) comes in a slim case to keep your file clean and protected.  There is also a smaller version of the slant tweezers available ($15.00).

What the Sephora website has to say about Tweezerman Cynthia Rowley Slant Tweezers:

What it is:
An award-winning Tweezerman tool with a stylish print by designer Cynthia Rowley.

What it does:
Tweeze in style with this striking tool that combines Tweezerman’s smart slant with eye-catching prints from New York fashion designer, Cynthia Rowley. The angled tip rests comfortably against your skin for easy, painless plucking and the carefully calculated tension ensures ultimate precision. The stainless steel is durable and easy to clean and the small shape makes it an ideal addition to your makeup or travel bag.

Tweezerman tweezers are fabulous because you can really get a good grip on the hair and pluck it out by the root.  I’ve found with this brand that I’m less likely to pinch my skin and more likely to pluck out the hair I’m aiming for.  Having them available in such a fun print just makes them that much more stylish!

You can purchase the Tweezerman Cynthia Rowley Limited Edition Designer Series products at Sephora.

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