Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Everyday is Halloween Limited Edition Sets


NEW YORK, NY (October 2013) – For Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Halloween isn’t just a holiday– it’s a lifestyle! Right in time for Halloween, OCC unearths Everyday is Halloween, a limited edition collection composed of four makeup sets that feature a mix of new products, “resurrected” faves from OCC’s past, and best-selling classics! Each set is coordinated by OCC artists to be utilized either for wearable, every day looks or more dramatic applications! All products in the sets are full-sized, they include a Lip Tar™, a Nail Lacquer, and two pots of a colour (including Loose Colour Concentrate and Cosmetic Glitter), to be used on their own or together for an array of looks. Two of the sets feature brand-new releases: Loose Colour Concentrate in ‘Atlas’ (golden champagne shimmer) and Nail Lacquer in ‘Just The Same’ (deep blue velvet shimmer).

David Klasfeld, CEO/Creative Director, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics had this to say about the Everyday is Halloween collection: ”Halloween is certainly my favorite holiday, and I think most makeup artists and enthusiasts can say the same. Working with The Misfits on this project is amazing because they’re men and women of every background and style — exactly our target audience.”

Everyday is Halloween launches Friday, October 18th, 2013 exclusively on OCCMakeup.com and at the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics boutique in Manhattan for $42.50 USD each.

“The Scream Queen” Set
MARION: Rose Beige Neutral (Lip Tar: Matte) DATURA: Pink Lavender Sheen (Loose Colour Concentrate) OVERLOOK: Deep Plum Shimmer (Loose Colour Concentrate) PHANTASM: Pastel Blue Metallic (Nail Lacquer)

occ-halloween2013-SCREAMQUEEN-4web occ-halloween2013-screamqueen-set“The Venomous Vixen” Set
PAGEANT: Beauty Queen Pink (Lip Tar: Matte) AUTHENTIC: Vivid Metallic Copper (Loose Colour Concentrate) BURNING: True Coral Shimmer (Loose Colour Concentrate) CHIMERA: Opaque Metallic Mint (Nail Lacquer)

occ-halloween2013-VENOMOUSVIXEN-4web occ-halloween2013-venomousvixen-set“The Madcap Madame” Set
PRETTY BOY: Super Rich Fuschia (Lip Tar: Matte) CHERRY BOMB: Fuschia-Leaning Red (Loose Colour Concentrate) MAGENTA: Bright Pink/Purple (Cosmetic Glitter) JUST THE SAME (NEW!): Deep Blue Velvet Shimmer (Nail Lacquer)

occ-halloween2013-MADCAPMADAME-4web occ-halloween2013-madcapmadame-set“The Adonis” Set
CLEAR: To Prep and Rehydrate (Lip Tar: Primer) ATLAS (NEW!): Golden Champagne Shimmer (Loose Colour Concentrate) GOLD: Bright Yellow-Gold (Cosmetic Glitter) CRUISING: Antique True Gold (Nail Lacquer)

occ-halloween2013-ADONIS-4web occ-halloween2013-adonis-setAbout OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE COSMETICS: Founded in New York City in 2004, OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE COSMETICS started out as a trade secret: a pro-only range of products available only at the most exclusive industry-only Professional Makeup emporiums. In a time when many cosmetic companies make the claim that their products are “Cruelty Free” simply because Animal Testing has become unfashionable and less cost-effective, OCC felt it was necessary to raise the bar on this issue. We pledge never to use animal-derived ingredients (including Lanolin, Beeswax, Carmine and more) in our products and accessories. Founder David Klasfeld is still directly involved in the formulation of all new products and as a makeup artist himself is sure to always bring the latest trends in colour to the market.  www.occmakeup.com

About THE MISFITS: Founded in Philadelphia, drag queens Porcelain, Misty Maven and Omyra Lynn have each performed all over the country.  Between them, they have guest starred on reality television shows including VH1’s Big Ang, and have amassed cult-like followings across social media platforms including YouTube and Instagram.  They are currently based on the West Coast

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics MELANGE Lip Tar Swatches & Review

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Because I was so impressed with my first OCC Lip Tar in Memento, a second choice was going to be a sure fire purchase.  During my April visit to NYC for IMATS I got to visit the OCC booth and play around a bit… Melange came home with me.

IMG_7289What Sephora says about OCC Lip Tar:

What it is:
A high-opacity lipstick concentrate with unprecedented longevity.

What it does:
Flash a fabulous smile and a stunning splash of color with this lip formula that combines the longevity of a lipstick with the breezy application of a gloss. The rich pigment will drench your pout and the blend of essential oils, including hemp and peppermint, will soothe and soften the skin for a supremely comfortable finish. For easy travel and application, each Lip Tar comes with a vinyl carrying case and mini lip brush.

This set contains:
- 0.33 oz Lip Tar
- Mini lip brush
- Vinyl pouch

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens

What else you need to know:
This straight-forward formula does not contain petroleum or silicone and is 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free.

IMG_7292 IMG_7295 IMG_7770IMG_7353Melange (terracotta neutral) is the perfect medium peach to wear for any season.  Like Memento, Melange spreads on evenly even with a small amount and provides a ton of pigment.  I didn’t put it on too thickly, because who IRL would actually wear it that way just walking down the street, and was happy to notice that it felt almost moisturizing and wasn’t sticky at all.  Wear time was maybe a bit longer than a normal lipstick, but it still comes off if you eat or drink.

Normally, the Lip Tars come with a brush applicator and how-to card, but since I purchased this one discounted at IMATS I only got the tube of tar.

OCC Lip Tar retails for $18.00 and they are available on the OCC website and Sephora.


IMATS 2013 – Show Photos, Haul & NYC Trip (pic heavy)

You guys….. New York City is amazing.  The trip to the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) was quick, but jam packed with good times.  My step-sister Dinessa and I left Friday morning and arrived in NYC just in time to drop off our bags and go to IMATS Pro Night to shop.  (Which ended up being the best idea possible because when the event opens to the public on Saturday and Sunday shopping is stressful and near impossible.  We were glad to be able to spend time on those days speaking with people doing demonstrations, watching and learning.)

IMG_0777FYI: Maybe I got a little out of hand with pics, but this was my first trip to IMATS and my first event as “Press” so it’s a milestone!

Of all of the exhibitors I was especially excited to check out Inglot, since I’ve never been able to before, and am definitely ordering more online ASAP.  It’s slightly addicting.


I also have a new found love in Jesse’s Girl and bought a few products to swatch:

IMG_0773As well as an intense interest in the brand Cailyn who do amazing things with gel liners and the inovative  Vibrating Foundation Applicator.  We watched the woman below transform before our eyes and become instantly 10 years younger with their BB Cream.  Stunning!

IMG_0785 IMG_0788 IMG_0792We also spent some time checking out the products from OCC and the fun Hydrocolors from WolfeFX.

IMG_0775 IMG_0917 IMG_0920This is what I hauled from IMATS.  Not nearly enough!  I did got back with the intent to buy more from Inglot and Cailyn but it was just so busy at that point I felt like ordering online was a better idea.

IMG_1099Make Up For Ever Academy was doing some amazing thing with the nicest model ever for their exhibition:

IMG_0802 IMG_1078IMG_1075 IMG_1077And a few other artists (representing schools or brands) also showed off their skill:

IMG_1081  IMG_1082 IMG_1086IMG_1087We also got the chance to check out a few demonstrations from Vargas and Roshar.

Vargas has a ridiculous amount of skill and creativity.  I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed we were with his technique and how he worked the products he was using.  Vargas demonstrated Fantasy and Faces: Beyond Color, Shimmer and Glitter Applications.  The way he so beautifully and easily applied glitter seriously made me think that this is just something I could do for every day.  Which would clearly not be appropriate, but he’s just THAT GOOD.

I got some before pictures of his characters, as well as some during the demo and after photos of the demon sea creature ;)

Before the demo:

IMG_0815 IMG_0885

During the demo:

IMG_0850 IMG_0856IMG_0854 IMG_0859 IMG_0886IMG_0868 IMG_0883IMG_0882 IMG_0887Vargas used special brushes from Royal & Langnickel to create the hair brush strokes and flame effect.

At the end of the day:

IMG_1089 IMG_1092Roshar is quite literally the most entertaining person I’ve ever seen.  He’s completely self-taught, which is so impressive because all of his talent is within and truly his own.  The demo we were able to sit in on featured him doing up a Fantasy Editorial.  The end result was CRAZY amazing!

IMG_1024 IMG_1035 IMG_1050 IMG_1057 IMG_1063The only panel we caught was on Gaining Representation: Exploring the Artist/Agent Relationship.  It was basically just a Do’s and Don’ts as well as what you can expect from your Agent and what your Agent expects from you.  Which is basically be professional, know your place, don’t be a pain in the butt.

This panel was supposed to be moderated by Roshar, but at the last minute Kevin James Bennett swept in to cover.  You could say I had a fan-girl moment because he pops up sometimes in the BBC and he’s gloriously entertaining and refreshingly blunt.  I’m sad he had to run off right after or I’d have photo-opped him ;)

IMG_0932 IMG_0940But by far, our favorite thing to see was the Character/Prosthetic Student Competition.  The talent was just unbelievable. The theme was OZ and the competitors had only 3 hours to work on their creations before the intense judging took place.  First a few of the competitors working their magic…

IMG_0797 IMG_0810 IMG_0904 IMG_0914… and the amazing end results (and, you’re welcome, because I took SO MANY photos of this I could have really spammed the heck out of you with pics… especially of the blue-haired guy and the ballerina):

IMG_1006 IMG_1015IMG_1002 IMG_1003IMG_1010 IMG_1014IMG_0976IMG_0941If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve likely seen a few of these next pics.  In case you don’t here are some of my faves and also shout-outs to the lovely bloggers I met this past weekend!

First up, the bloggers!  I first ran into Eugenia from Geniabeme and Casey from Beauty101 and they are awesome and hilarious!

bloggers1Next I ran into Judy from BeautyJudy and she’s all sorts of adorable that I almost tried to bring her home with me =P

blogger2Finally, I met Xiao from Messy Wands!  MY MESSY!  Finally!  Just as fabulous in person, BTW.

xiaoAnd finally just a few pics of Dinessa and I running around the city taking selfies ;)

At IMATS Afterglow (some of my fave pics)

afterglow usbwTimes Square

timessquaredinessaCanal Street #Swag (we are seriously still laughing over that one)

swag swag2Nomming in Little Italy:

littleitalyAnd some shots of our hotel room view & Dinessa checking out the view from Dream where Afterglow was held….

nycviewmeviewdinessabwAlso, while in NYC we had to seek out and visit MAC PRO, since we’ve never been to one.

macproAnd also hauled!

IMG_1105This is the haul from Sephora in Times Square:

IMG_1106Each haul will have separate review posts for each item as I go through them ;)  Anything you’re wanting to see first?

Did you hit up IMATS?  Did you get anything good or meet any of your favorite people?

If you’ll be in the area for The Makeup Show be sure to enter to win a 2-day pass ;)



Makeup Wars ~ My Holiday Beauty Wish List

The Makeup Wars Bloggers decided it would be a smart move to do up our Holiday wish lists.  Basically, if any family or friends are reading this and want to tell Santa so I have a little surprise under the tree… you won’t hear me complain.  I might even have a smooch waiting under the mistletoe for anyone thinking of me!

I thought it would be a good idea to pick some “wants” at several price points… just in case my hubby or someone else who loves me equally as much is checking this out!  Keeping it tame, this is just beauty items.  If I would have dove into handbag, shoes, jewelry… well, we’d have been here all day.


  1. Tarte Carried Away Collector’s Set ($54.00).  This set from Tarte has is ALL.  It’s so beautiful and clearly necessary for all of your beauty needs and wants!  Photo courtesy of Sephora.com.
  2. OCC Pro’s Picks Lip Tar Set ($49.00).  I own nothing from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and I’m DYING to.  This set is the perfect opportunity!  Photo courtesy of Sephora.com.
  3. Make Up For Ever Be Your Own Make Up Artist Station ($950.00).  Let’s just be honest, who DOESN’T want this?  At that price point it’ll very likely never happen for me, but I can dream!  Photo courtesy of Sephora.com.
  4. Burberry Complete Eye Palette ($59.00).  I’ll take any of them, but the one pictured, Dark Spice, is my top choice.  Photo courtesy of Nordstrom.com.
  5. Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Shadow in Rose Gold ($24.00).  I love the style of the shadow pan and the shade just looks stunning!  Photo courtesy of NeimanMarcus.com.
  6. Estee Lauder Michael Kors Set ($38.50).  This one is tricky, you can only purchase it with an Estee Lauder Fragrance purchase.  I cannot stand EL fragrance and I don’t know anyone to give it to if I bought it.  So go buy yourself some perfume and then get me this Michael Kors set!  Different sets are available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Dillards, Macys and EsteeLauder.com.  I’ll take any of them.  Photo courtesy of Nordstrom.com.
  7. MAC Hang Up the Glamour Hanging Travel Bag ($40.00).  It’s leopard on the outside, lacy looking on the inside and securely holds all of our travel junkies with style.  Hook me up.  Photo courtesy of maccosmetics.com.
  8. Bare Escentuals The Star Treatment Set ($40.00).  I love the pressed shadows from this brand, and the shades in this palette are right up my alley!  Photo courtesy of Sephora.com.
  9. MAC Making Pretty Brush Set for Face & Eye ($100.00).  I obviously don’t NEED this, but its so pretty and chic… I just want it to look at it.  I’d never buy it for myself, but would loveeee to have it as a gift!  Photo courtesy of maccosmetics.com.
  10. Le Metier de Beaute CHEM60 Pro-Peel and GLOW10ai Mask Set ($265.00)  I am so totally addicted to this.  It’s easy to do, safe and it works!  You can check out my experience with this product by clicking here.  Photo courtesy of NeimanMarcus.com.

Oh, drugstore beauty, I haven’t forgotten about you!

  1. Cover Girl Clump Crusher LashBlast Mascara.  I’ve heard great things from fellow bloggers.  Photo courtesy of Ulta.com where this product is currently buy one get one half off.
  2. Wet N Wild ColorIcon Eight Pan Eyeshadow Palette Collection.  I’d love the two palettes I don’t have that released with Holiday 2012 (I think the matte one, Drinking a Glass of Shine, was released before as I <3 Matte) in Sparkle ‘Til Morning & Shimmer the Night Away (see pics at Nouveau Cheap).
  3. L’Oreal Project Runway Electric Fantasie Collection.  Any and all of it.  We’ve been ripe with sickness here so I haven’t really been out and about to get any pieces =( See photos at Musings of a Muse.
  4. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips.  I always see these and always want to try them out.  The colors just look so pretty sitting by each other.  The set shown above is in Nude.  Photo courtesy of PhysiciansFormula.com.

What is on your holiday beauty wish list?

See what the other participants in this installment of Makeup Wars came up with!  What WILL we think of next?!

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