Hippity, Hoppity LUSH Easter is on it’s Way!

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Or, rather, LUSH Easter is HERE! The collection features eight exclusive and limited edition products along with two gifts so you won’t be overwhelmed, making it easy to take home one of everything! Check out my faves!

LUSH Easter 2014 Photos ReviewGolden Egg Bath Bomb Melt ($8.95 for 3.8 oz.) That gilded orb you see before you is touted as a bath bomb, but it’s also a bath melt! It’s the best of both worlds! The golden exterior is actually cocoa butter dusted with gold and then filled with the fizzy interior. You’ll feel relaxed in the tub and then refreshed and soft when you step out. If you love the Honey I Washed the Kids soap, this one is a must have.

Brightside Bubble Bar ($10.95 for 7.0 oz.) This bubble bar smells so citrusy and juicy… I love how bright it is and the gorgeous orangy grapefruit tinted shade that it turns the bath water! You will smell amazing (even more so that usual). Since Bubble Bars of this size are so fragrant and make piles of bubbles I can use these for almost 10 baths for the kids!

Bunny Bubble Bar ($6.95 for 2.8 oz.) I’m freaking out over how cute this is! My kids got a kick out of the pink shade underneath, because you know we had to start using this from the back end ;) It tints the bath water slightly lavender, releases little blue petals when you get to the middle and smells just like Creamy Candy! This size of a bubble bar is usually good for 4 baths in this house.

…and, seriously… you can’t say no to that cute little bunny butt!

LUSH Easter 2014 ReviewDid you grab anything up from the LUSH Easter line? Share your hauls or tell me what you’re lemming in the comments below!

These LUSH products and more can be purchased at your local LUSH retailer (find US locations here) or online at lushusa.com.


Top 10 Red Lipsticks – Designer Edition

When you’re something of a red lipstick hoarder collector, picking your Top 10 will have you on the floor either weeping uncontrollably or laughing hysterically (in the manic sense).  Do you know I seriously felt bad about not including my other reds?!  Who has feelings like that?!

For this weeks Top 10 Tuesday I broke down and chose my Top 10 High-End Red Lipsticks.

Top 10 Red LipsticksIn no particular order…

  1. Cle de Peau Beaute 311 Extra Rich Lipstick Velvet.  So this one… is ridiculously expensive.  More-so than I thought when I purchased.  The lipstick itself is $40 then you have to buy the casing which is $25.  I never (and I mean never) finish a lipstick, so, while the casing is refillable, that’s just not economical for me.  That being said… I don’t regret this purchase in any way, shape or form.  It’s a stunning shade of excellent quality and if I had to pick my top 3 red lippies this would, without a moments hesitation, be in that group.
  2. Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque.  This was actually featured as my favorite red lipstick in Makeup Wars circa 2012 and it’s still in my top 3 to this day.  There’s something so perfect about the color that makes it an unstoppable, power red.
  3. NARS Future Red Cinematic Lipstick.  Cinematic is a new formula for NARS and it’s basically 10,000 shades of awesome.  Highly pigmented and so glossy!  Future Red was a part of the controversial Holiday 2013 Guy Bourdin Collection.
  4. MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick.  I just recently reviewed this one, but of course it landed on my faves!  A frost finish that doesn’t look icy or trashy?!  Sign me up!
  5. MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick.  RiRi Woo is based off of Ruby Woo but in an even better Retro Matte formula.  It released several times throughout 2013 within the Rihanna Collections and it was a huge favorite each time.  What this means is that Rihanna can do no wrong in terms of a red lip from collections she collaborates on.
  6. Dior Lady Lipstick.  While there were three beautiful red shades that I purchased from the Dior 2012 Holiday Collection, Lady is my favorite.  She’s a muted, dusty red that carries oodles of pigment and is wonderfully wearable.
  7. LUSH Santa Baby Lip Tint.  Maybe this one isn’t really a “lipstick” or “designer” per se, but it’s beautiful and gives my lips that perfect red tint without going pink.  Love it, couldn’t leave it out!
  8. Cailyn Big Apple Tinted Lip Balm.  I got this one in my September 2013 ipsy Glam Bag.  Again, not exactly a “lipstick” but a great tint!  It’s a little deeper than Santa Baby and just as beautiful!
  9. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Enamel Glossy Stain.  This is a lovely, warm red that is completely opaque and stains the lips so well it’ll seem like you reapplied your lipstick all day!
  10. Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge 8 Iconic Red.  When something is made in collaboration with Madonna’s makeup artist, Gina Brooke, you know it’s good.  Aqua Rouge does.not.budge.  You’ll be hard pressed to get it off with even a hard core makeup remover.  Love this line!

And, as per usual on a Top 10 Tuesday, I cheated and managed to smuggle in my Top 5 High-End Red Lip Glosses as well.  Just kidding, no idea how these got here, I swear.

Top 5 Red Lip Gloss

  1. Marc Jacobs No Regrets Lust for Lacquer.  A juicy, strawberry red that works perfect alone or on top of any red shade that needs a little shine.  If there were such a thing as a neutral red, this would be it.
  2. NARS 413 BLKR Larger Than Life Lipgloss.  This is a fiery, siren red that features a teeny, tiny brush to get that precise application that you need for all red lip shades.  Super pigmented and super glossy!
  3. Lise Watier Rouge Catwalk Haute Couleur.  I got my first Lise Watier products in my August 2013 Wantable Box.  I’d been dying to try out the brand and was not disappointed!  This shade is another juicy sort of red that is almost opaque and has an awesome shine.
  4. Le Metier de Beaute Red Velvet Lip Creme.  This was actually a GWP item back in 2012.  It’s an extremely vibrant and opaque fire engine red cream.  It just melts onto the lips and even leaves behind a nice stain after eating/drinking.
  5. MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Lipglass.  While this red isn’t opaque by any means, the shimmer gives off a great dimension to any creamy red lipsticks that you feel might be falling flat or just need funned up!

What Red Lipstick (or Lip Gloss!) is your favorite?  Click the links below to see what the other Top 10 Bloggers have listed!

Falling Head Over Heels & Smelling Fab w/ LUSH on Valentine’s Day

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As Valentine’s Day nears everyone who isn’t anti v-day is prepping their bods to smell fresh and have their skin and lips plumped and silky-fied. LUSH is pretty darn awesome at launching the most perfect holiday themed goodies, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.  Some of my faves….

LUSH Cosmetics Valentine's Day 2014Neon Love Soap ($6.95 for 3.5oz) is neon pink with a white heart and I’m not embarrassed to admit that I fell in love with just looking at this soap. SOAP! It smells faintly of cinnamon but is also includes fresh passion fruit juice and soya yogurt.

Love Locket Bath Bomb ($10.95 for 9.5oz) Besides the fact that’s it’s adorable this is a HUGE bath bomb, you guys.   Luckily it’s good for three uses (each half then the center) but I’m all about overkill so I threw the whole thing in.  All of these paper hearts pour out into pink waters and the middle is filled with shiny red agar seaweed hearts.  The soak is so relaxing and aromatic with sensual with vanilla, jasmine and neroli oils.  Pretty freaking awesome.

Prince Charming ($29.95 for 16.9fl. oz.) Pomegranate juice and grapefruit mixed with vanilla pod infusion, marshmallow root and almond oil makes for a great lather and super soft, lightly fragranced skin.  I love grapefruit but I was very happy to find that it didn’t overpower this body wash.  Maybe you don’t have a flesh & blood prince charming, but who cares because this one probably smells better anyway.

The Kiss ($9.25 for a 0.2oz. tin) This lip balm is a soft pink shade.  It’s moisturizing but not thick or goopy.  It feels and looks amazing.  Apply after your LUSH Lip Scrub and you’re kissable to all!

LUSH The Kiss Lip Gloss Valentine's DayWhat did you pick up to keep yourself fresh for v-day?  Even if you’re celebrating by hanging out on the couch with the cats you should probably still smell good.  Animals are people too.

These LUSH products and more can be purchased at your local LUSH retailer (find US locations here) or online at lushusa.com.


Top 10 Nail Care Products

Nail Care products are available by the thousands.. maybe even more.  For this Top 10 Tuesday I’m narrowing down my top nail care products to just ten.  Oddly, I didn’t have 10 of any one item (such as cuticle oil or base coats, etc) to narrow this down with.  It seems when I find a nail care item I love I stick with it, which is good news because you’ll know these items are HG for me and not just a passing fancy!

Top 10 Nail Care ProductsIn no particular order:

  1. Cult Nails Glass Nail File.  I’ve had this for at least a year, maybe two?  I think I paid $10 way back but now they’re $15 and come with a case.  But that’s how long this lasts!  Well worth the investment!
  2. I am loving Revlon ColorStay Gel-Shine Top Coat for an incredibly glossy finish….
  3. ….but if I need my polish to dry super fast and still be glossy I go for Seche Vite.
  4. Sally Hansen Insta-Grip Fast Dry Base Coat.  I love this so much!  It dries like the wind.  I started using it after I ran out of another fave – Butter London Nail Foundation (not pictured).
  5. Julep Essential Cuticle Oil.  This has a roller ball, which excites me way more than it should.  It’s also a great oil.
  6. Butter London Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil.  This is just a go-to of mine for the last year, fabulous moisture!
  7. Nicole by OPI Oil to Go.  This just recently released, but it’s perfect for keeping in your purse.  I’m always running out the door and I look at my nails and I’m all… ew.  Especially in the winter, moisturize those cutes!
  8. LUSH Lemony Flutter.  Is there anyone out there who doesn’t use this?!  I smear it all over my hands, pop on some gloves and hang out.  It’s a savior.
  9. Gloves.  Seriously.  Get yourself manicure gloves and soak that cream and oil in.  Remember SOAK and LOCK!
  10. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream.  I got to try this through BzzAgent and I’ve been rebuying ever since!  It’s coating, but sinks in.  Fabulous!

What are some of your favorite items for nail care?  Find out what the other bloggers are into by clicking the links below!

Makeup Wars: Beyond the Lip Chap – My 3 Favorite Lip Treatments

For this weeks Makeup Wars we’re focusing on our Favorite Lip Treatments.  I keep chapsticks and lip balms scattered all over my house, car, coat pockets… I have a weird phobia of dry lips and even if my lips get just a little bit dry I freak out and have to apply something.

Makeup Wars 3 best lip treatments

  1. LUSH Lip Scrub – I’ve shown you Santa Baby and Mint Julips – but I also have Bubble Gum here!  They feel SO very amazing, taste yummy and leave your lips uber soft and plumped.
  2. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm – This is a great lip therapy and carries SPF, so it’s perfect for all seasons.  It guards, heals and provides long-term protection.  This winter has been so bitter cold, we need all the help we can get!
  3. Dior Addict Lip Glow – I always keep this in my makeup bag as a staple item for quick moisturization and color.  It adjust to the pigments in your lips so everyone gets a custom color that will work perfectly on them.  It’s also now available in a coral shade (to be reviewed)!

If you’re a gal on a budget I also love Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm and Vaseline Lip Therapy (to be reviewed).  One chapstick I’ve been using since high school is the Bonne Bell Lipsmacker in Dr. Pepper.  So yum and just a tint of color.

What are your must have lip saviors?  Tell me in the comments below and be sure to visit the other Makeup Wars bloggers by clicking the icons below!

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