Beautisol Self-Tanning Mousse with Pure Scent Technology Value System Review & Photos

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Beautisol Self-Tanning Mousse with Pure Scent Technology is the latest in at home tanning products.  With the awesome track record Beautisol has with their self-tanners, I was really excited to unbox this product and give it a go!

IMG_7986What the Beautisol website says about the Self-Tanning Mousse:

What it is:

This Value System includes our fast drying self-tanning mousse with our Easy Application Mitt for fast and flawless results every time.

What’s included:

  • 4.7 fl. oz. Medium Mousse self-tanner for Body – Women’s Health pick
  • Easy Application Mitt – Cosmopolitan Mag. Must Have
  • FREE Application guide

What it does:

  • You get our super fast drying, long-lasting, natural-looking medium tan with our odor eliminating technology – Pure Scent
  • The color correcting pigments with guide color gives an immediate bronzing effect so you look tan and gorgeous instantly
  • Moisturizes & nourishes your skin with anti-aging properties
  • Fast, Flawless and easy application with the patented Easy Application Mitt
  • Makes you feel even more gorgeous and ready for anything

Additional Information:

  • Paraben-free, propylene glycol-free, sodium laurel/laureth sulfate-free, and cruelty-free (PETA certified)

IMG_7993 IMG_7999It blows my mind how well this works.  I used three pumps on the included application mitt to do the bottom half of my leg and the results were nearly immediate.  I was worried the medium/dark shade would be too much but as it developed the tan was natural and even.  No streaks, no odor, just perfection.

I posted comparison shots on my Instagram and you can see how the right side is darker than the left.  In the future, since I know this looks good and I will use it, I would probably apply another layer the next day to deepen the tan.  This is so perfect for when your outfit requires a bit of color on your skin and is much safer than the sun!

This is safe to apply to the face and the mitt is washable with soap and water (let it air dry).

Some tips for self-tanning from Beautisol

  • Before – Wax 24 hours in advance, shave 12 hours in advance; avoid deodorants, perfumes and oils during application; exfoliate; apply lotion to dry areas (knees, elbows, heels); use Beautisol’s application mitt (for real, you really should it does make a difference); self-tan before bed time so the tan can develop as you sleep.
  • After – avoid wearing anything tight while the tan develops; don’t let water hit your skin for 6-8 hours after you apply the product; pat dry after showering; exfoliate 3 days after self-tanning so the color will fade evenly.

Beautisol Self-Tanning Mousse with Pure Scent Technology retails for $33.90 and is available on the website as well as on HSN.

*** Products provided by iFabbo through their SHOP program.  All opinions on this product are my own and 100% honest.  For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

Top 10 Get Your Glow On – Bronze Yourself!

Technically, this is “Top 10 Bronzers”  but I don’t think I’ve even tried 10 Bronzers that I would love enough to list!  Therefore, I altered it a bit and am going to list out my top 10 Glowy Bronzy type beauty items! (More are pictured, but I group brands hehe).


  1. Beautisol. Seriously.  This has to be number one for glow.  Everyone who touches a Beautisol product turns to gold… I mean bronze.  A natural bronze! I’ve reviewed the Summer Glow Lotion here and have the Self-Tanning Mousse on deck for this week.
  2. Jergens.  This is your drugstore answer to a gorgeous and natural glow.  I love that there are separate tubes for face and body and that the color is gradual.  In the past I did a three post campaign for them, so you can check out all of my ramblings there.
  3. Chanel.  How could we not include Chanel in something glowy and bronzy?!  This past Summer they didn’t release a similar product, but the two Summer’s before they released the Soleil Tan de Chanel Luminous Bronzing Powder – in 2012 I picked up Sable Rose and in 2011 I grabbed Bronze Corail.  I also threw in Lucky Stripes for good measure!
  4. Dior.  This Summer Dior came out with amazing Nude Tan Paradise Blush & Bronzer Duo.  I picked up the shade Coral Glow 2 and love how it’s pigmented, yet blendable and can work with any tone.
  5. Le Metier de Beaute.  This brand does amazing Blushing Bronzed Duets with a gorgeous cheek hue paired with the perfect bronzer.  I reach for either Romeo & Juliet or Traviata when I need a quick, every day glow!
  6. MAC.  They do make some excellent bronzers, but when I was doing this post the first products that came to mind were the lipsticks from this Summers Temperature Rising collection, most specifically in Sheer Seduction & Caliente.  These hot lip colors will accentuate the glow on your skin.
  7. NARS.  Everyone loves NARS Laguna for a bronzer… but for my glow I like the new multiple in Puerto Vallarta.  Peachy, cheeky, glowy perfection!
  8. NARS.  Again.  I thought of eyes and immediately thought of this gold and bronzed eye duo in Paramaribo!  It’s glowy and gorgeous making it an absolute must have on my top 10 list!
  9. L’Oreal.  Keeping with the eyes I had to mention the L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Bronzed Taupe.  The perfect wash of color over your eye if you need to be quick, plus it’s waterproof!
  10. Tarte.  Finally, the end all be all of what you need this Summer… the Aqualillies For Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eye And Cheek Palette.  You have excellent glowy shades for eyes and cheeks and it’s going to last all day!

I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 Products to Bronze Yourself With!  Check out what the other bloggers love and get inspired to get your glow on!

Beautisol SUMMER GLOW Body Self-Tanning Lotion & Hammam Deep Exfoliating Mitt Review

I love to be tan.  Back in the day I was a tanning fool.  I’m talking not only did I bake for 20 minutes in a tanning bed, but I also used to get spray tanned on top of that.  After my wedding back in 2005 I fell off the tanning trend.  All of the skin concerns (cancer, wrinkles, etc) were swirling in my mind and I was trying to get pregnant, so it wasn’t hard to stop… but oh, did I miss it.

Fast forward through the years & I remained pale.  I really missed having a glow.  Even though it’s all in my head, being tan gave me confidence.  Why did I not try at home self tanning lotions or foams, you ask?  Well, frankly, I’m terrified.  It’s absolutely my luck that I’d be a streaky, uneven hot mess and I wouldn’t be able to get it off and also not be able to go out in public.  So, I steered clear.  Until now.

For my first dip in the self-tanning pool I’m testing out Beautisol’s Summer Glow Dark Tan Body Self-Tanning Lotion ($39.00).

With any self-tanning product be sure to read the instructions (as well as any tips or tricks on the packaging or website) before use and of course exfoliate!  Beautisol has the Hammam Deep Exfoliating Mitt ($12.00) that gets the job done but isn’t abrasive or damaging to your skin.  It fits easily over your hand and doesn’t slip off as you slough off the dead skin.

001 004The Summer Glow Body Self-Tanning Lotion is beyond amazing.  At first when you pump out the product, especially if you’re new to this whole game, you’re going to be taken aback.  The lotion is a browned olive shade which transitions into a gorgeous bronze as you spread it on your skin.  It’s smooth and easy to spread evenly without streaks or missing spots.  It sets on your skin instantly so as not to transfer onto clothes.  Over the course of the next few hours you’ll see your tan deepen and develop.  If you’d like to go darker, repeat the process the next day.

002 003071This product is totally all me and I absolutely am going to be using it every single time I need to, whether it be for an event or just running around in a short sleeve t-shirt or tank.  I’m officially cured of my self-tanning lotion fears!

Purchase Beautisol products on their website or check here for other retailers.

*** Products provided by iFabbo through their SHOP program.  All opinions on this product are my own and 100% honest.  For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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