Zoya Seashells & Sunsets Nail Polish Collection Swatches + Review // Summer 2016

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Zoya Seashells & Sunsets marks a breathtaking Summer collection of cream nail polishes and new Pixiedust shades. The gorgeous colors make me think of sunsets over a shimmering ocean and seashells buried in beautiful rainbow sand... Summer nail perfection.

Zoya Seashells & Sunsets Nail Polish Collection swatches review swatch pics

Sunsets is a collection of six new "one coat creams". I found these to look okay in one coat, but there was visible nail line so I added a second coat for complete coverage on the swatches.

Zoya Sunsets Nail Polish Collection Swatches Review Photos swatch pics

"a popsicle pink"

"a deep, fully saturated orange"

"a juicy watermelon red"

Zoya Nail Polish Swatches Brynn Cam Dixie

"a vibrant cornflower blue"

"a fun-filled purple"

"a softened jade green with a hint of blue to make it wearable for all skin tones"

Zoya Nail Polish Swatches Dory Liv Ness

Seashells is a collection of six new PixieDust shades. I did two coats of each shade (one thin and one thick - no top coat) to make the coverage more opaque.

Zoya Seashells Nail Polish Collection swatches review swatch pics

"a sky blue, textured PixieDust with fine silver and gold glitter creating a dreamy effect"

"a full impact green, textured PixieDust with a thin vein of gold creating a fizzy lemon-lime effect"

"a beige gold, textured PixieDust with medium holographic hex glitter"

Zoya Pixiedust Nail Polish Swatches Bay Cece Levi

"a cherry red, textured PixieDust with red and fuchsia glitter to mimic the look of maraschino cherries dipped in sugar"

"a starry grey, textured PixieDust with a small holographic glitter interwoven with a darker gunmetal"

"a classic pink, textured PixieDust laced with a fine thread of gold and medium sized holographic hexes for an added layer of dimension"

Zoya Nail Polish Swatches Linds Tilly Zooey

In addition to the new nail polish colors, Zoya has included two matching lipstick shades in Candy (a classic bright pink cream) & Mellie (a red-pink cream). You can buy the lipsticks on the Zoya website where they retail for $12.00 each.

Zoya Mellie Candy Lipstick Swatches Review
Zoys Lipstick Swatches Mellie Candy swatch pics

My favorite nail polish shades from this collection are Ness, Dory, Cam, Levi & Zooey. What are yours?

Zoya Nail Polish shades retail for $10.00 each and are available at top salons, spas and Zoya.com.

Zoya Seashells & Sunsets Summer 2016 Nail Polish Collection swatches review swatch pics

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