Zoya Satins Nail Polish Collection Swatches & Review – Fall 2013

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For Fall 2013Zoya has released two 6 piece nail polish collections in Cashmeres & Satins. Today I’m featuring the Satins, which have certainly been a long time coming, seeing as how the Cashmeres were posted awhile ago!

Channing is a rust red copper metallic. It's as beautiful and perfect as Channing Tatums bod. Did I say that out loud? Ahem... fully opaque in 2 coats.


Claudine is a gunmetal grey metallic. This is actually a pretty dark grey. Normally not a color you'd call pretty, but in person there is just something about it. The finish comes off a bit streaky, but it was fully opaque in 2 coats.


Giovanna is an emerald green metallic. It's the shimmery, perfect Pantone color! It's what you think of when you think emerald. Not too deep of a green, but just right. This one is my fave of the Satins. Below is two coats.


Mason is a red violet metallic. Normally I'm over this color, but this one sparkles with purple and fuchsia and is really pretty to look at in the light. Two coats are shown below.


Neve is a sapphire blue metallic. Absolutely breathtaking and sparkling blue, maybe the most beautiful I've seen. Fully opaque in two coats.


Maria-Luisa is a special edition Sparkling Cellophane Gold Topper (Originally designed for Rafael Cennamo/AW13). You get a great amount of gold flakes with each stroke and they spread evenly. One coat is shown below over Neve.


(indoors, with flash)


(outside, no flash)


What shades do you love the most out of the Zoya Satins?


For more information on this collection, please see the Official Press Release.

Zoya Nail Polish retails for $8.00 and is available at Zoya.com.