Zoya PixieDust Fall 2013 Swatches & Review

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Joining a long line of beautiful PixieDust polishes Zoya has released the Fall 2013 collection! These jewel-toned stunners are perfect for the crisp weather and Fall fashions that are headed our way a lot sooner than I think anyone wants to believe!

Tomoko - glowing champagne silver. This shade just took my breath away. When you look at this golden silver it makes you think you just hit the jackpot in Vegas! I used two coats in the photo below.


Dhara - dazzling coppery orange. This hot reddened-orange is on fire with the golden sparkle. I used two coats in the photo below.


Sunshine - deep navy blue with silver sparkle. The formula on this stunning sapphire polish is to die for, paints on easily in only one coat!


Chita - emerald forest green. This evergreen shade just may be my favorite PixieDust nail polish to date. It's ridiculously beautiful and applied perfectly in one coat.


Arabella - rich fuchsia pink. This is a nice hot raspberry and silver sparkle. I used two coats in the photo below.


Carter - regal purple. This one had the thinnest formula of them all, but the color is so royal and dynamic with the deep purple and fuchsia shimmers! I used three coats in the photo below.


For more information on this collection, please see the Official Press Release.


Zoya PixieDust Nail Polishes retail for $9.00 and are available as of July 15, 2013 on zoya.com.